International Summer School


What is online registration?

Registration opens on 22 May and is the formal process of joining the University. In the UK, registration does not involve signing up for classes. We will email you in May to confirm which modules you have been allocated.

You will receive an email at the end of May with instructions on how to begin registration.

Why you need to register online

Once registration opens, you will need to pay for your tuition, housing and any field trips online. All fees must be paid in full by 5 June or your application will be withdrawn.

If you are applying from a partner institution or via an agency, you may be asked to pay your fees or a portion of your fees to them instead of the University of Sussex. If in doubt, check with the Study Abroad Office at your home institution.

All physics students need to pay a lab fee, which pays for your use of the lab equipment as well as your textbook, even if you are applying via your home institution. Registration is only complete once you have arrived on campus and have your passport scanned. If you have a European Union passport, however, you can complete registration before arrival.