Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems (EASY)

PhD Study

We welcome applications for PhD study in the EASY group

We currently have about 15 postgraduate students working for their PhD. We are an international group, and our research student community reflects this: we have students from many countries working with us.

Some of our students work on specific projects defined by supervisors while others choose their own projects (within constraints agreed with their supervisor). If you would like to be considered for a place here, you'll need to make an application through the standard University of Sussex on-line application process.

As part of the application you are expected to write a short research proposal giving details of the issues you would like to investigate in your research. What you write is influential in deciding who might act as your supervisor. Feel free to suggest possible supervisors or to contact potential supervisors in advance of an application. See the members page for links to faculty webpages which will give you info on the research interests of individual faculty.

The department has various studentships and scholarships for which well qualified applicants can be considered. If you wish to apply for funding from a source other than the University of Sussex (e.g. your government, the EU, or a charitable institution) then we may be able to help in providing details for your application. We do sometimes advertise studentships for specific projects, these are posted in approriate places.

Supervisors from the EASy group are also offering projects within the Sussex Neuroscience 4-year PhD programme.

For more details of Informatics postgraduate opportunities, funding possibilities, and instructions for applicants, see the Informatics Doctoral degrees pages.