Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems (EASY)

Research centres

Members of the EASY group direct or co-direct three highly successful cross-campus interdisciplinary research centres through which much of the group's research is conducted.


The Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics (CCNR) is run jointly with Life Sciences and focuses on aspects of computational neuroscience and computational biology, along with research on bio-inspired adaptive robotics, bio-inspired adaptive computing and complex adaptive systems. 

The Centre for Research in Cognitive Science (COGS) fosters interaction and collaboration among all those working in cognitive science at Sussex, including researchers and students in artificial intelligence, psychology, linguistics, neuroscience and philosophy.

The Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science (SCCS) focuses on basic science that seeks to unravel the complex brain mechanisms that generate consciousness, along with research that translates insights about the mechanisms of consciousness to the clinical domain.