Data Science Research Group

Doctoral study

The group welcomes applications for doctoral study. First, browse these web pages to discover what research areas are covered by the staff here and to identify possible supervisor(s). Second, email the person you identify as likely to be the most suitable supervisor for you, given your interests. Third, if possible, arrange to visit the University to meet relevant people. Fourth, submit a formal application.

Each doctoral student usually has a main supervisor, a second supervisor, and in addition a thesis committee consisting of two other members of faculty. See the Informatics doctoral degrees pages for further information and details of how to apply.

We have a close working relationship with researchers in the Natural Language Technology Group at the University of Brighton, located only two miles down the road, and regularly attend each other's research seminars.

Below are some former research students and their current affiliations.

Anja Belz Computing, Brighton
Lynne Cahill English Language and Linguistics, Sussex
Alexander Clark Philosophy, King's College London
Stephen Clark Computer Laboratory, Cambridge
Daoud Clarke Lumi
Ann Copestake Computer Laboratory, Cambridge
Clive Cox Seldon Technologies Ltd
Roger Evans Computing, Brighton
Asli Eyecioglu Bartin University, Turkey
Robert Gaizauskas Computer Science, Sheffield
Bilal Khaliq Teradata, Pakistan
Adam Kilgarriff Lexical Computing Ltd, Brighton
Chi-Ho (Henry) Li Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing
Diana McCarthy Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Cambridge
Darren Pearce-Lazard                 Anthropics Technology Ltd
Jonathon Read Ocado Group plc
Marco da Rocha Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil                
Graham Russell Onscope Group Inc, Canada
Aleksandar Savkov Babylon Health, London
Xinglong Wang Brandwatch, Brighton
Taras Zagibalov I-Teco, Moscow