Data Science Research Group


Members of the group have extensive experience of consultancy and collaboration with industry, public sector and external academic institutions.

For details of individuals' collaborations, please see faculty profiles. Many of our research projects are in collaboration with companies, non-profit organisations, and researchers at other universities.

In order to commercialise our work and apply it to large-scale problems, members of the group have set up spin-out companies and limited partnerships:

  • iLexIR logo

    In collaboration with NLP researchers at the University of Cambridge, we have set up iLexIR. The company specialises in text analytics — current contracts include developing automatic computer-based systems for assessment of student essays and for anonymisation of medical record free text.

  • CASM logo

    In collaboration with social scientists at the think tank Demos, we have set up the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media (CASM). CASM produces new political, social and policy insight and understanding through social media research.