Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre (CROMT)

Opera and the Media of the Future

Opera and the Media of the Future is a new CROMT research initiative. Prompted by discussion of the ever-growing phenomenon of ‘live cinecasts’ of opera, we have now expanded our remit to ask questions about a whole range of new media platforms and devices and the impact that these may have on both modes of audience engagement and the forms of opera itself.

To launch this project we held a two day research event entitled Opera and the Media of the Future at Glyndebourne Opera on Fri 24th and Sat 25th of October 2014 to examine the challenges and opportunities of new media technologies for the future of opera, bringing academics, artists and opera professionals together to examine a wide range of issues from opera cinecasts and webcasts to the use of new media platforms for audience development, marketing and education, and the potential of new media for the forms of opera itself.

The three central questions we are looking at are as follows:

1. What opportunities and challenges are presented to opera companies by new modes of performance broadcast, and new digital technologies and platforms?

2. How will such modes of broadcast, and technologies and platforms, change the way we think about the concept of the operatic 'audience' and our notions of 'liveness'?

3. How might new modes of broadcast, technologies and platforms, impact upon new forms of opera for the digital age?


 Opera and the Media of the Future event poster