Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre (CROMT)

Proposed Research Projects

The Voice in Modernity

The project aims to understand the social and cultural meanings of the human voice in modernity, with particular reference to the implications of such understanding for the use of the voice in contemporary arts, especially opera, music theatre and other forms of performance and digital arts foregrounding voice.

Sussex Bach Wedding

Bach's Cantata no.210 was written to be performed at a wedding. The artistic aim of the project is to reconstruct dramatically a real context for the cantata, placing it amidst the preparations and celebrations for a very ordinary modern-day wedding party.

The Kreutzer Sonata

The project aims are:

To reconstruct the original plan for a performative version of The Kreutzer Sonata, with accompanying music and visuals, from a contemporary perspective.

To create a discursive context for both Beethoven's violin sonata and Tolstoy's story that reads these works across and against each other, and across and against wider understandings of the cultural meanings of Beethoven's music and Tolstoy's story.To gain better understanding of the likely form of the original proposal in the context of domestic theatrical events in the nineteenth-century.