Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre (CROMT)


Visiting Research Fellow

Katie Tearle, Head of Education at Glyndebourne Opera, was Visiting Research Fellow in the Spring Term.

Reasearch seminars 2011-12

CROMT Seminar programme including information on Katie Tearle's special seminar series.

Visiting Research Fellow

Laurel Zeiss, Baylor University Texas, was Visiting Research Fellow in the Summer Term.

Time, Realism and Convention in Contemporary Opera Symposium

Several recent operas appear to draw on twenty-and twenty-first century conceptions of time, specifically Einstein's space-time theories that the past, present, and future are in constant interplay.  Philip Glass' Satyagraha (1980), John Adams' The Death of Klinghoffer (1991), and Daren Hagen's  Amelia (May 2010), for instance, depict multiple layers of time simultaneously or cross-cut between them.   Is time fractured, integrated, or stratified in these works?  Does the music meld these levels of time together or hold them apart? Or does it operate within its own temporal parameters? Or do these works present a new conception of time at all?