Centre for German-Jewish Studies

Former Members

Dr Rachael Attwood

Dr Rachael Attwood is a Lecturer in History at the University of Westminster. She was awarded a PhD from UCL in 2013. Her doctoral thesis examines the politics of activism against sex trafficking in turn-of-the-century Britain, and, in particular, the representation of sex trafficking as 'white slavery'. She has taught at both UCL and the University of Sussex, where she was also a Research Fellow at the Centre for German-Jewish Studies. 

Dr Lori Gemeiner Bihler

Dr Lori Gemeiner Bihler is now Associate Professor of History at Framingham State University in Framingham, Massachusetts. Her book, Cities of Refuge: German Jews in London and New York 1935-1945 was recently published by SUNY Press (April 2018).

Dr Kara Critchell

Dr Kara Critchell worked on a project which studies the effectiveness of Holocaust Education in Schools.

Dr Iris Guske

Dr Iris Guske is now at the Institute fur Fremdsprachenberufe Kempten.

Dr Andrea Hammel

Dr Andrea Hammel is now a lecturer in the department of European Languages at Aberystwyth University.

Dr Yizhar Hess 

Dr Yizhar Hess is a former PhD student at the Centre.

Dr Tanja Hetzer

Dr Tanja Hetzer is now at the Hanuman Institut.

Dr Rose Holmes

Dr Rose Holmes is a History Research Fellow on the Global Income Inequality Project at the University of Sussex. After completing a BA at the University of Nottingham and an MA at the University of Sussex, she studied for her PhD with the Centre for German Jewish Studies and was awarded her PhD in History from the University of Sussex in March 2014. Her research focuses on humanitarianism in the interwar period and her thesis was entitled, 'A Moral Business: The work of British Quakers with Refugees from Fascism, 1933-1939'. As well as researching economic and social histories of inequality, she is particularly interested in histories of humanitarianism and voluntary intervention, everyday life, photography and gender.

Rico Langeheine

 Rico Langeheine is a former MPhil student at the Centre.

Dr Romy Langeheine

Dr Romy Langeheine is a religious scholar and historian. She completed her DPhil at the University of Sussex. Since then she has worked as a scientific trainee at the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora. Her book Von Prag nach New York: Hans Kohn. Eine intellektuelle Biographie was published in 2014.

Dr Nitzan Lebovic

Dr Nitzan Lebovic is now Assistant Professor of History at Lehigh University, Pennsylvania and holds the Apter Chair of Holocaust Studies and Ethical Values.

Dr Emma Or-Tal Zohar

Dr Emma Or-Tal Zohar is a former researcher with the Centre for German Jewish Studies. 

Dr Leena Petersen

Dr Leena Petersen is now teaching at the Institute of Cultural Studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin. 

Dr Deborah Schultz

Dr Deborah Schultz is an art historian who teaches at both undergraduate and graduate levels on a range of subjects from Ancient Greece to the present day. Her main areas of research focus on 20th century and contemporary art.

Major Rabbi Henry Soussan

Major Rabbi Henry Soussan is now the chief instructor at the Chaplain School at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

Dr Petru Weber

Dr Petru Weber is now a Doctoral Fellow at the Berlin School for Comparative European History.

Paul Weir

Paul Weir

Dr Shivaun Woolfson

Dr Shivaun Woolfson is a former PhD student at the Centre.

Dr Kim Wünschmann

Dr Kim Wünschmann

Dr Astrid Zadjband

Dr Astrid Zadjband is a research student at the Sussex Centre for Migration Research. She is a former PhD student of the Centre. 


Former Directors of the Centre:

Professor Raphael Gross

Professor Raphael Gross is now a Reader in History at Queen Mary, University of London.

Professor Edward Timms

Email: eftimms@gmail.com  Tel:  01273 685629

Professor Christian Wiese

Professor Christian Wiese