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Dr Doug Haynes

Post:Reader in American Literature and Visual Culture (English, American Studies)
Location:ARTS B B342

Telephone numbers
UK:01273 877304
International:+44 1273 877304

Research expertise:
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DPhil American Literature, University of Sussex UK, 2004;

MA Fine Art, Brighton University UK;

MA Culture and Social Change, Southampton University UK;

BA English Literature, Southampton University UK.



University of Sussex, Lecturer in American Literature, 2005 until present;

University of Sussex, Lecturer, Fixed term contract 2003-5;

Goldsmiths College, University of London, Visiting Lecturer 2002-3;

University of Southampton, Department of English, Lecturer, Fixed term contract 2001-2.


Selected Conference and Research Papers:

Invited Talks

June, 2017 "When is a Crisis Not a Crisis? Dr David Dao and the State of Emergency" Crisis and Beyond, University of Uppsala, Sweden.

June 2017 "Levity's Rainbow," International Pynchon Week, Pynchon's New Worlds, Médiathèque Michel-Crépeau: Avenue Michel-Crépeau and Musée du Nouveau Monde, La Rochelle, France.

May, 2016, "Harvey Matusow, Oz, and the Art of Lying," Radical America: Revolutionary, Dissident and Extremist Magazines, 20th May, The Keep, University of Sussex.

Jan 22 2016 "Inherent Vice, Inherent Crisis," Pynchonomics: A Workshop, Univeristy of Sussex.

Dec 2 2015 Security in the C21, roundtable, Sussex: paper as below.

Aug 2015 Cultures of Security, University of Uppsala, Sweden, "Secret Retributions: Debts, Security, Ghosts and Gifts in Thomas Pynchon's Vineland."

June 2015 Modernity and the European Mind, University of Portsmouth, "Communicating Vessels: Terror and Telepathy in Don DeLillo and Gerhard Richter."

June 2015 Participant, Post*45, University of Notre Dame, London.

May 2015 American Studies Research Seminar, University of Northumbria, "Terror's Face in Richer and DeLillo."

December 2014 Dept of English, Uppsala University, Sweden, "Adorno and Kafka: Mimicry and Happiness."

Feb 2014 Dept of English, Uppsala University, Sweden, "The Void is Actually Widening': Bret Easton Ellis, Rats, and the Return of the Repressed.'

Feb 2014 Jewish Historical Society of Brighton and Hove, 'Modern American Jewish Humour.'

Feb 2014, Royal College of Art, London, "Black Humour: Mike Kelley, Monkeys and Mauss," symposium The Affective Turn.

2013 University of Cambridge, “Unhappy Consciousness and Dark Humour in Modern American Writing: Nathanael West, Thomas Pynchon, Bret Easton Ellis.”

2013 King’s College London, American Violence Series, “A face mimicking a face: Bret Easton Ellis and the Shifting Centre of American Violence.”

2013 Brighton Art Gallery and Museum, Gallery Talk, “Jeff Koons and the Avant-Garde.”

2013 University of Oxford, Transatlantic Literature Seminar, “Volk and Fetish: Pynchon and Rilke.”

2013 Centre for American Studies, University of Kent, “The Souls of White Folk: ‘Artificial Niggers in Flannery O’Connor’s Fiction.”

2012 Pynchon Now, Contemporary Fiction Seminar, Senate House, University of London, “Golden Fang, Golden Hoard.”

2012 English Colloquium, School of English, University of Sussex, ‘“The Fetish in Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow.”

2012 Research Seminar, Center for Social and Political Thought, University of Sussex, “The Mind of Odysseus: Adorno, Feeling, Happiness.”

2011 American Studies Research Seminar, University of Sussex, “She Disappeared into Complete Silence: Bathos in Louise Bourgeois.”

2010 Faculty of Arts, University of Antwerp, Belgium, “Reading Pynchon, Reading Rilke.”

2009 Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, “Louise Bourgeois: Femme et Maison.”

2003 Research Seminar, Dept of American Studies, University of Sussex, “Black Humour in Mass Culture: the Badass, Pynchon’s Big Rocket Book and the Avant-Garde.”


Conference/symposium/colloquium Talks


June 2017 "Levity's Rainbow," International Pynchon Week, Pynchon's New Worlds, Médiathèque Michel-Crépeau: Avenue Michel-Crépeau and Musée du Nouveau Monde, La Rochelle, France.

April 2016, ‘“Gray and Waiting”: telepathy and terror in Don DeLillo’s fiction and Gerhard Richter’s October series,’ BAAS/IBAAS conference, Queens University Belfast.

June 2015, International Pynchon Week, Panteion University, Athens, "Allons enfants! Pynchon's Pornographies."

April 2015, BAAS, University of Northumbria, "Jeff Koons Bears All." Part of curated SAVAnT panel.

2014 July, End Times Colloquium, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, part of Fictions of Threat research project, "Gray and Waiting: Terror's Face in Gerhard Richter and Don DeLillo."

2014 April, BAAS Conference, Birmingham"Toy Story: Mike Kelley."

2013 Oct, Object Emotions, University of California, Berkeley, “Mike Kelley: From Monkey to Mauss.”

2013 International Pynchon Week, Durham University, “Secret Retributions are Always Restoring the Level: Ethics, Justice and Exchange in Vineland.”

2013 BAAS Conference, Exeter, “Bret Ellis’s  Open Secret: Ideology and Affect.”

2012 Symposium: Low Affect, High Stakes, University of Sussex, “Obstacles: Cruel Optimism or Kind Pessimism?”

2012 British Association of American Studies, University of Manchester, “Displaced Persons in Flannery O’Connor.”

2012 Material Meanings, third Conference of EAM, University of Kent, “Turning On Surrealism.”

2011 Revelation and convergence: Flannery O'Connor among the Philosophers and Theologians, Loyola University, Chicago, “Displaced Persons: Unhappy Consciousness in Flannery O’Connor’s “The Artificial Nigger.”’

2011 International Critical Theory Conference of Rome, John Felice Rome Center of Loyola University Chicago, Rome, “Adorno and the Possibility of Happiness.”

2011 British Association of American Studies, University of Central Lancashire, “Under the Beach, the Paving Stones.”

2010 International Pynchon Week, Marie Curie University, Lublin, Poland, “Inherent Virtue, Inherent Vice.”

2007 Real Things: Matter, Materiality, Representation, University of York, “Wyndham Lewis: the Great Ape Floored.”

2007 British Association of American Studies, University of Leicester, “Laughing at the Laugh: Nathanael West’s Balso Snell.”

2007 Representing the Everyday in American Visual Culture, University of Nottingham, “Mike Kelley: Abjection? Objection!”

2006 American Humor Studies Association Conference, Monteleone Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana, “Nathanael West: Avant-Garde Onanist”

1999 Border Crossings, University of Sussex, “Thomas Pynchon: A Literature of Excess”

In addition I provide regular talks to pre-University students at BHASVIC College, Brighton.



“The Persistence of Irony: Interfering With Surrealist Humour,” Textual Practice, 20 (1) 2006. pp. 25-47.

“Laughing at the Laugh: Unhappy Consciousness in Nathanael West’s The Dream Life of Balso Snell,” Modern Language Review, 102 (2) 2007, pp. 341-362. (Reprinted in Short Story Criticism Vol 116, Toronto: Gale Cengage, 2008).

“She Disappeared into Unhappy Consciousness: Louise Bourgeois and the Bathos of Surrealism,” in Bathos, eds Peter Nicholls and Sara Crangle (London: Continuum, 2010), pp. 90-111.

“Gravity Rushes Through Him: Volk and Fetish in Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow,” Modern Fiction Studies,58 (2) (2012), pp. 308-333.

“Mike Kelley and Surrealism: Monkeys, Frogs, Dogs and Mauss,” Papers of Surrealism, Issue 10, Summer 2013, pp. 1-20.

 “Under the Beach, the Paving Stones: the Fate of Fordism in Pynchon’s Inherent Vice,” Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, Vol 5, issue 1, 2014, pp. 1-16.

“From Odysseus to Rotpeter: Adorno, Kafka, Mimicry and Happiness,” in The Affects of Modernism, ed. Julie Taylor (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2015).

 "Surrealism and Contemporary Art," Garage, Sept 2015.


Co-edited with Tara Stubbs, Navigating the Transnational in Modern American Literature and Culture (London: Routledge, 2016).

"Communicating Vessels: Terror and Telepathy in Don DeLillo and Gerhard Richter," in Stubbs, Haynes, eds, Navigating the Transnational in Modern American Literature and Culture (London: Routledge, 2017).

Co-written with Tara Stubbs, "Axes of Influence: Navigating the Transnational" in Navigating the Transnational in Modern American Literature and Culture (London: Routledge, 2017).


Forthcoming: ed. with Joanna Freer, of special issue of Textual Practice, "Pynchonomics: Politics and Economy in the Work of Thomas Pynchon," due late 2017.

"Prospects: American Studies," The English Review, April 2017.

“From Bateman to Rat Man: American Psycho’s Unnatural Selections” The Palgrave Handbook of Affect Studies and Textual Criticism, eds. Wehrs and Blake (New York: Palgrave, 2018);
“Allons Enfants! Pynchon’s Pornographies,” Sex and Gender in Thomas Pynchon, eds. Freer, Maragos, Chetwynd (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2018).
“Humour," in Pynchon in Context, ed Dalsgaard (Cambridge: CUP, 2018).
"Falling into the Sky: Gravity and Levity in Pynchon's Mason & Dixon, Space and Culture, die early 2020.


Conference/Symposia/Colloquia organization:

American Art First: Populism and American Art and Visual Culture, British Library, June 2019.

Jun 30-Jul 2 2016 Cultures of Risk: Management, Speculation, Symptom with John Masterson and Maria Lauret as part of a STINT-funded project. International speakers will be discussing notions of risk in modern (mainly) American culture.

Jan 22, 2016, Univeristy of Sussex, Pynchonomics: Politics and Economics in the work of Thomas Pynchon, A Workshop: Speakers - Hanjo Berressem (Cologne); Nick Marsh (Soughampton); Joel Roberts (Brighton); Doug Haynes (Sussex).

Oct 2015, Chasing America: a CHASE network event organised by David Peters Corbett and Alixe Bovey at the Courtauld Institute; I organised the Sussex aspect of this event, which led on from Facing America (see below) and aimed at providing workshops for CHASE consortium PhD students.

July 10 2015, Facing America: Viewing the Face in American Art and Visual Culture, the British Library, London. International symposium organised by research network SAVAnT, fostering dialogues between History of Art and American Studies. Keynotes: Prof. Celeste-Marie Bernier (Nottingham); Prof. David Peters Corbett (UEA).

Oct 2014, Cultures of Threat: Imagining the Endtimes, University of Sussex. International symposium on modern American culture, imagining the end times.

September 2014, SAVAnT Rountable, Senate House, London: inaugural event co-organised with Joanna Pawlik (History of Art, Sussex) with 12 invited guests to form scholarly society SAVAnT (Scholars of American Visual Art and Text).

2012 Thinking Feeling: Critical Theory, Thinking, Feeling, University of Sussex. A large, successful international conference focusing on the dialogue between Critical Theory and affect theory. Guest speakers included Eva Illouz (Hebrew University); Ben Highmore (University of Sussex); Tim Bewes (Brown University); Alex Duttmann (Goldsmiths College, University of London).


Performance, Media engagement, and Knowledge Exchange 

From July 2017 TrumpWatchSussex at 

This podcast interviews academics from the UK and US as well as journalists and students, seeking the wider and deeper issues generated by the Trump administration.


Voice of America interview on Trump

Politico, int4rvierw on TrumpWatch

Nov 2016 Harvey Matusow: the Art of Lying - a performance comprising of a "theatrical lecture" performed (and written with) with Diarmuid Hester and Robert Cohen as part of the Being Human Festival of the Humaniites at teh Latest Bar, Brighton. Based on the Harvey Matusow Special Collection in the Keep.

Media interviews/discussions

16/11/16 Radio 3 Free Thinking; discussing Harvey Matusow and the art of lying.

20/11/16 ITV news, discussing Harvey Matusow and the Being Human festival of the humanities.

21/11/16 Latest TV - interview regarding Matusow performance.

9/11/16 BBC Radio Sussex; Sussex Breakfast: commenting on election of Trump

6/9/17; commenting on President Trump's closing of the Daca scheme.

31/5/16 USSO Bookhour on Twitter on Don DeLillo's Zero K (2016).


Administrative Responsibilities and other Duties

Director of the Sussex Centre for American Studies in the academic year 2015/16.

Currently Admissions Tutor for American Studies; during my period of work in this area, the degree has recruited record numbers of students; other subject areas have followed the models I have developed for engaging with prospective students and their parents. 

Connected to the above, I have developed an American Studies Study Day at the Eccles Centre at the British Library, addressing American topics in year 12 students's A-level curricula. A number of colleagues both from Sussex and other institutions will participate in this new initiative in March 2016.

I act as a selector for the CHASE AHRC consortium: from interviewing potential Sussex PhD candidates fat Sussex or AHRC grants, to the central CHASE grant award panel for literature.

I have sat on the Joint Negotiating Committee between the UCU and the University.

I am currently a Senator, attending meetings and performing duties relevant to the University's Senate.

I have also acted as postgraduate convenor for American Studies and acted as MA course convenor for the MA programme American Literature: Critical Reading.

I have sat on a number of committees in the School of English, including the Graduate Degree Committee and the School Teaching and Learning Committee.

I have sat on numerous appointment committtees, including the current panel for the appointment of the Head of School for English.

I redesigned the American Studies website (with the help of two colleagues) as part of a School-wide re-design.


Grant Capture and other

CHASE network grant £500 for CHASEing America (2015); £200 from BAAS for Facing America. Currently working on AHRC Cultural Engagement grant with recent PhD student Diarmuid Hester and Art History colleague Joanna Pawlik. We are working with the Attenborough Centre at Sussex and the Keep archive, in conjuction with the Fales Library at NYU to stage an exhibition in late 2016 called Radical American and its Diasporas.

A proposal for a CHASE Research School in American Art and Visual Culture is currently being considered by the CHASE board. It would work with CHASE PhD students across the consortium and with the help of a number of colleagues from differetn institutions. I would be a director of this School alongside Professor David Peters Corbett of UEA and the Courtauld Institute. We are in the process of applying for a large AHRC network grant to facilitate this enterprise. 


Esteem and Professional Bodies:

2016-2020 External Examiner for English Literature at Newcastle University

2015-2016 CHASE consortium selector for literature at Sussex and at consortium level. Duties involve interviewing potential PhD candidates, advising them, grading candidates's applications, and participating in CHASE panels deciding on final grant allocation.

2012 on CHASE selection panel for BGP I at Sussex.

Editorial Board of Cogent OA, a Taylor and Francis Open Access journal of the humanities.

Editor of online open access journal Orbit: Readings Around Pynchon.

Reader for journals: Textual PracticeJournal of American Studies, Deleuze and Guattari Studies, and Mosaic, in Canada. Also for Cambridge University Press and Edinburgh University Press.

Reader for American Council of Learned Societies.

Reader for Research Fellowship in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Girton College, Cambridge.

Executive Committee of the British Association of American Studies, 2013-16.

Editor of ABES (Annotated Bibliography of English Studies) for Routledge, 2007-9.

Co-Founder with Joanna Pawlik of SAVAnT, Scholars of American Visual Art and Theory, a scholarly society reimagining the relationship between American Studies and Art History.


Doctoral Students

I have supervised or am supervising thirteen PhD students on a number of subjects, generally on modern American literary topics. Three have been AHRC funded. I have supervised four students to completion and co-supervised several more to completion. As I write, I have another student awaiting a viva. My supervisees are doing well: Joanna Freer is currently working at the University of Exeter and her book Pynchon and the Counterculture, based on her thesis, is out on CUP. Martin Eve, whose thesis produced a monograph Pynchon and Philosophy on Bloomsbury works at Birkbeck College. James O' Sullivan, who wrote on Cormac McCarthy, is a university lecturer in Korea; Joao Felix, who wrote on Philip K Dick and US Science Fiction is a scriptwriter for TV in Lisbon. Other students are writing theses on topics like Emily Dickinson, David Foster Wallace and Don DeLillo.

 I have acted as internal examiner to many PhD candidates and have also acted as external examiner.

I welcome applications that concern modern and contemporary American writers and artists; I have a particular interest in reading such writers in terms of economy, affect, or everyday life. I also welcome approaches that cross disciplines or have a transnational focus. I have also supervised many projects on post 9/11 fiction and have an interest in associated modern issues such as risk and security.





Reader in American Literature and Visual Culture.

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Director of the Sussex Centre for American Studies;

Admissions Tutor for American Studies in the School of History, Art History, and Philosophy (HAHP).