WCM manual


If the item type supports it you will see a recurrence tab. This allows you to enter item details only once but have it appear on multiple occasions spanned over days, weeks, months or even years.

All recurrence happens from the start date of the item.

Daily repetition

You can have the item repeat every number of days by putting the number in to the ‘Daily’ text box. If the item starts on a Monday, for example, and you put in the value ‘2’ then the next item would occur on the Wednesday then the Friday, Sunday, etc.

Weekly repetition

The ‘Weekly’ recurrence repeats every number of weeks, depending on what value you enter. So if you set the value to be ‘3’ the item will repeat every three weeks. You also need to supply what days of that week you want the item to repeat on. You do this by selecting the checkbox next to the relevant days.

Monthly repetition

As with daily and weekly repetition, but the item will repeat every number of months on the same date that the item falls on.

Yearly repetition

As above but for every number of years.

Recurrence end

There are three options for how long you want the item to repeat. If it’s indefinite then select ‘No end date’. You can have it end on a specific date by choosing the ‘selected date’ textbox and selecting a date from the pop-up calendar. Or you can select to have the item repeat only a certain number of times by placing a number in the ‘number of times’ box.