WCM manual

Add item

When you select to add a new item (either from the dashboard or from the ‘Add a new item’ sub-menu option in the ‘My Items’ tab) you will be presented with a blank form to complete. You must complete all form elements that are marked as required (denoted by a ‘*’ next to the element’s title).

The tabs shown on form may differ depending on what type of item you are adding (news, event, small ad, etc.) and the elements shown within each tab may also differ. Do not be alarmed at this! Some item types just don’t require recurrence or a lot of meta information.

When you’re happy with the information you’ve added for the item you should select the ‘Submit form’ button at the end of the form. If there are any errors in your form you will be presented with it again with a note saying what is wrong so that you can fix the information (select each of the tabs – details, recurrence, etc. – to see all of the errors). Don’t worry, though – all of the data you’ve entered so far will be there!