WCM manual


By default you are the only editor of your item. However, you may work in a unit where others share responsibility for editing items, or you may be off on holiday, or otherwise not able to update one of your items when someone asks. Setting permissions on an item avoids problems like that by enabling other people to also edit your item.

There are currently three types of permissions:

  • Only you can edit the item
  • You and any editors of the channels you select can edit the item
  • You and anyone from the departments you select can edit the item

Select the appropriate radio button for the permission you want to set on the item you’re adding. If you select either channel editors or departments then you will be presented with a drop-down list giving the appropriate values. From the drop-down list, select the channel or department and it will be added to a list. You can select as many channels or departments as you wish.

If you want to remove any of the channels or departments selected, click on the cross icon to the right of each value in the list.