WCM manual

Getting started

Before you begin

A number of technologies have been employed within Broadcast; one of the most notable is the requirement of JavaScript (a web-based programming language). Most web browsers come with JavaScript (also referred to as ‘js’) already active, so you shouldn’t need to worry. However, if you attempt to log in to Broadcast on a university-based computer and get an error message that alerts you to the fact that JavaScript is required and you’re not able to alter this setting in your browser, then you should contact ITS Helpdesk who would then be able to assist you further. If the browser is on your personal computer, then follow the instructions for your browser on how to activate JavaScript support. These instructions can usually be found in the help section of your browser.

All attempts have been made to provide a system that will work across a variety of browsers and platforms. Broadcast has been tested on a variety of different browsers, but even though this testing has taken place the abilities of browsers and how they represent information is beyond our control and one browser may give you a slightly more enhanced or different experience than another. It is recommended that you use Chrome, Firefox 4+, or IE 8+.