WCM manual

Meta information

If this tab is available for the item type you’re adding it will allow you to put in some more ‘behind the scenes’ information about the item, such as tags and commenting options. Again, not all of these options will be available for a particular item type – it depends on what you’re adding as to what you’ll see (if anything).

Content focus

These checkboxes allow you to designate whether the item you’re adding is intended for an internal audience (i.e., staff or students), an external audience (anyone outside of the university), or whether it’s relevant to both sets of audience. Just select the checkboxes that make the most sense to you and your item. (Selecting no checkboxes will default it to all audiences – i.e., it’s the same as having both checked.)


This allows you to summarise in a few short keywords what the item is about. It is used to relate your item to other similarly tagged items automatically, and could be used in other places, too.

To add a tag, start typing a word. As you type, suggestions of keywords already added to the system will display. You can select one of those from the list if you wish. You can also enter your own words even if they are not on the list by typing the word you want and then pressing the ‘tab’ or ‘return’ key on your keyboard.

Allow comments

By default, no comments are allowed for a particular item. If you wish, you can change this drop-down list so that people can comment on your item. You can set it so that you have to approve any comment before it is shown or allow comments to automatically be shown without approval.

Even though you may set your item to allow comments, the channels that you associate the item to also needs to allow commenting before the item will show the comment form when viewed on the central website.

Content link

Your item may have associated information elsewhere on the Sussex domain or on another website entirely. If so, this is where you’d add the URL for that information.

Posting on behalf of

You may be the author of the item but the details you may also be posting on behalf of someone else. If so, put their details (for example, name or email address) in this textbox.