Fee status appeals

During the admissions process, all successful applicants will have their fee status assessed to identify whether an applicant is 'home' (which includes EU), 'overseas' or 'Islands' for fees purposes. The tuition fees you will be charged will differ depending on which classification you are assessed as (with a further classification for 'home' students who have already completed a qualification equal to or higher than the one they are now applying for).

The rules on how you are classified are strictly defined by the British government and are complicated. Further information about the formal rules can be found in the fees section of the Undergraduate or Postgraduate prospectus, as well as on the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website.

The Admissions Office will make an assessment of each successful applicant based on the information declared in your application. If your fee status is unclear, we will send you a questionnaire to complete, so that your status can be correctly determined.

If, following your fee assessment, you disagree with the outcome (ie. you believe you should be 'home' when you have been classified as 'overseas'), you can request to have the fee assessment reviewed. You can do so by emailing the Admissions Office. Undergraduate applicants should email

As part of the review of your fee status assessment, we may ask for additional information or evidence in relation to your claim for 'home' fee status. You may also wish to submit additional information as part of your request to have the fee status reviewed.

Once your case has been reviewed, the Admissions Office will respond in writing (which might include email) to confirm your fee status.

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, and believe that your fee status has been incorrectly assessed, you can appeal against this by writing to the Academic Registrar. To make this appeal, you should write to the Academic Registrar, Sussex House, University of Sussex, Brighton, BN1 9RH. Your case will then be reviewed and a final assessment of your fee status will be made. The Academic Registrar will respond in writing (which might include email) to confirm the University's classification of your fee status. This fee status assessment is final.

Please note: you need to appeal against your fee assessment before you register and start at the University. Once a student is registered, their fee classification will not normally change. There are only very rare (and specific) instances in which a student's fee status can be changed once they register. Please see the above UKCISA website for more information.