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Reward Gateway - Staff Discounts

Reward Gateway is Sussex discount platform, where you can get a discount from large retailers, groceries and sport activities. 

If you would like to register to use Reward Gateway for the first time please use this link clicking on the Register to get access button.  You will be asked for your name, email address and for a password.  You will also be asked to answer two identification questions in order to register.  The first will be your 'Employee ID' - this is your RLA/Payroll number.  This can be found on your payslip by logging into MyView.  The second will be your 'Date of Birth'. 

Those employees who have already registered and use our former provider, Xexec, can log in to the Reward Gateway site using the email address they originally registered with.  Please do login using the Sign in with your email button and discover some new and improved discounts.  

Please note, if you are a new member of Sussex staff you can register to use the platform once you have received your first months' pay.  After each payday we inform Regard Gateway of the answers to the two identification questions for our new staff.  Please try to register for the first time on approx. 7th of the month following your commencement date as Reward Gateway will then have the information they need to enable your access. 

Here are some tips and tricks for you with some useful information on using the platform: 

  • Download the Spend and Save ‘Smart Spending’ App to your Android or IoS phone.
  • Always check the App to see if the retailer is on there before you buy anything.
  • Make sure you enable or disable notifications in the settings area of your account confirming if you do or don’t wish to receive contact from Reward Gateway highlighting enhanced discounts etc.
  • Order a Spend and Save card with as little as £5 credit.  It will take 2 days to arrive but will offer enhanced discounts when using at many retailers on the platform. 

For more deatiled tips please visit -Reward Gateway Tips and Tricks [DOCX 16.74KB]


Jenny James, our Reward Manager said: “We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our staff and are excited to be able to provide this benefit. Reward Gateway is a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to find savings on a large range of goods and services. 

“With the cost of living in many people’s thoughts, it’s a chance to reduce your food bill at the likes of Sainsburys, Tesco and Asda. You could save £260 a year based on a typical supermarket food shop of £100 per week, with the maximum 5% discount saving through the platform.”

Reward Gateway also has a brand new Wellbeing Hub which has hundreds of free video exercise classes as well as healthy recipes and wellbeing tips - we hope our staff may find this a useful addition to this benefit too. 

Please contact should you have any questions.