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Health Cash Plan - an enhanced benefit and rate for Sussex staff


A Health Cash Plan is a type of health insurance policy that helps you to cover the cost of the healthcare needs of you and your family.   We all know that these costs are increasing, and a Health Cash Plan is an affordable way to manage the costs.  For a small monthly premium you can claim cash back on the cost of routine, but essential treatment up to a pre-set maximum amount in your claim year. This will include cashback on your spending for dental and optical care plus for additional care including physiotherapy and osteopathy and hospital in-patient stays for treatment, for example.

In addition to the cash back offering, policy holders also have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week phone lines where you can talk to a registered GP to seek advice and reassurance.  You can choose a policy just covering yourself or one for you, your partner and up to four children.  No medical examination is required and you can join up to the age of 65.

Having done our research, we are aware that Simply Health have an excellent reputation, are a leading provider of Health Cash Plans in the UK market, they offer competitive rates, plus, claiming cash back is very simple: you make your claim online by uploading a photo of your receipt and completing the claims process in a matter of  minutes.  We have been able to negotiate a preferential corporate rate for Sussex staff to obtain a ‘Simply Cash Plan’ giving you cash back on a range of essential everyday healthcare costs.

Monthly premium for corporate members (these are 2022 prices and are increased annually.  Policies renew/increase on 1st September each year):

  • Simply Cash Plan: from £16.15pm for a single person or from £29.80pm for 2 adults living at the same address, with the option to add 1-4 children to your policy for £1.50pm extra.  This plan offers significantly increased levels of benefit than the offer available to the public, with most levels being offered at a reduced monthly premium.

Should this be of benefit to you and you wish to consider obtaining such a policy, please refer to the Simply Health website for more information and current rates. 

Once you have decided on which of the two available policies suits you best, all you need do is make your application via telephone on (0330 102 5325) In doing this you need to ask for the ‘Sussex University corporate rate’ and make sure you request to pay monthly via Direct Debit. 

Please note: Policies attracting a corporate discount cannot be obtained online.