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Cycle to Work information page for Sussex staff

Great News!

With effect from the beginning of January 2021 your Cycle to Work lease limit with Cycle Solutions has increased to a maximum £3,000*

Ready to order? Visit our dedicated page at Cycle Solutions

The University is committed to supporting you in getting to work by safe and sustainable means. Riding a bike is a great way to do that instead of driving or travelling via public transport.  The benefits of cycling for you and the environment are many and varied; including potential health and fitness improvements and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on global climate change.     

Your Cycle to Work lease limit has been increased to a maximum £3,000 to provide greater choice in general and of E-Bikes in particular.  You can also extend your payment term beyond the current 12 month period enabling a more expensive bike to be leased more affordably, should you wish. 

The following table sets out your options for leasing a bike and equipment from Cycle Solutions with effect from the beginning of January 2021: 



MINIMUM Employee Contract of Employment length required (months) if on a Fixed Term Contract




£1 - £1,000






£1 - £2,000

12, 18

14 or 20

£2,001 - £3,000

12, 18 or 24

14, 20 or 26


This spreadsheet will give you an indication of the costs and savings if you choose the newly enhanced options. 

If you have further questions or wish to sign up, please refer to the dedicated page for Sussex staff at Cycle Solutions.

Please note: the calculator provided on the Cycle Solutions site will limit your salary sacrifice payment term to 12 months thus not giving an accurate figure should you choose a longer term lease.  Please use the spreadsheet above to gain an indication of these figures.

You can, of course, call Cycle Solutions if you have further queries, to discuss details or order your bike and equipment.  Contact them via: 



Human Resources, 8th January 2021


* Eligibility to lease under this scheme will depend on:

1) contract of employment length (which will need to be 2 full months more than the lease term requested)

2) the maximum figure an employee can have will depend on affordability in terms of your current salary being above the LEL/NMW once your salary sacrifice deduction for the monthly lease cost has been taken into account. 

HR will check these facts once you have made your request and will only be able to agree to the request if the criteria are met.