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Cycle to Work information page for Sussex staff


University of Sussex staff can now choose from 2 Cycle to Work scheme providers: Cycle Solutions and Halfords!

The University is committed to supporting you in getting to work by safe and sustainable meansRiding a bike is a great way to do that, instead of driving or travelling via public transport.  The benefits of cycling for you and the environment are many and varied; including potential health and fitness improvements and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on global climate change.     

With our two providers, Cycle Solutions and Halfords, you now have a greater choice of bikes, including e-bikes and accessories, up to the value of £3,000, with lease agreements of 12, 18 and 24 months to suit your needs.

The following table sets out your options for leasing a bike and equipment from Cycle Solutions & Halfords:




£1 - £2,000

12, 18

14 or 20

£2,001 - £3,000

12, 18 or 24

14, 20 or 26


Cycle Solutions

A 12% discount is available on direct orders with Cycle Solutions!

You can use the scheme’s savings calculator on the Cycle Solutions dedicated page for Sussex staff, to see how much various bikes and accessories will cost you. This will also help you to decide whether a 12, 18 or 24 month repayment term would suit you best.

If you have further questions or wish to sign up, you can browse and place your order with Cycle Solutions.

You can, of course, call Cycle Solutions if you have further queries, to discuss details or order your bike and equipment. Contact them via:  0330 100 2480 or

Come and join Cycle Solutions on their next open webinar on Tuesday 16th April at 11am, to learn more about the benefits of cycling through your cycle to work scheme.

Click here to register and enter your details to receive your invite.



The Halfords scheme can be used to buy not just from Halfords but also Tredz and some independent bike shops. Use the store locator here and select “Click here if you are looking for an alternative to Halfords” to find participating independent bike shops.

You can use the scheme’s savings calculator to see how much various bikes and accessories will cost you. This will also help you to decide whether a 12, 18 or 24 month repayment term would suit you best.

Once you have decided what you would like to purchase you can apply for the scheme at

Depending on chosen repayment term, please enter the relevant employer code when signing up:

12 Month scheme - UOSX12C2W

18 Month scheme - UOSX18C2W

24 Month scheme - UOSX24C2

 Please note that refunds on unused funds applied for are not possible. For example if you apply for £1000 but later see that your chosen bike has reduced to £950 you will need to cancel your application and re-submit it for the correct value. Alternatively you can use the extra funds to purchase accessories!

The University will start to make deductions in the month following the approval of your application. This may mean that you are charged before you have received your bike, depending on how fast it can be delivered. The University will only make deductions for the agreed duration of the lease.

Please see Halford's Cycle To Work FAQ's or you can of course email them at should you have any further queries.


Human Resources, 9th January 2024

 * Eligibility to lease under this scheme will depend on:

1) contract of employment length (which will need to be 2 full months more than the lease term requested)

2) the maximum figure an employee can have will depend on affordability in terms of your current salary being above the LEL/NMW once your salary sacrifice deduction for the monthly lease cost has been taken into account. 

HR will check these facts once you have made your request and will only be able to agree to the request if the criteria are met.

Please note, NHS staff members on salary sacrifice schemes will have different salary and pension implications. Please contact the Reward Team at for more information.