Health and Safety

Request an eye test

Find out how to book an eye test if you use a display screen for your work.

Getting an eye test

All members of University staff identified as people who use display screen equipment (DSE) can get a free eye test every 2 years.

To request a test, or a re-test, first of all tell your line manager about any visual difficulties so that they are aware.

Once your line manager approves your request, you should fill in the form below.

The Health & Safety team will then provide you with a printable eVoucher detailing your entitlement.

Where to go

The University’s approved supplier is Specsavers. Present your voucher at a Specsavers store to get the service you need.

Find a Specsavers store near you to book an appointment.

Using other opticians or services

You can only get a free eye test through Specsavers. No other procedure should be used.

Unauthorised procedures include visiting an optician without approval or using a non-approved optician.


The eVoucher covers the cost of a full eye and eyesight examination and also includes the provision of a pair of single vision glasses, where glasses are required solely for visual display unit (VDU) use.

You can choose a pair of single vision glasses up to the value of £45. The price is covered by the University.

If you want a different pair of glasses that cost more money, you can add your own contributions to upgrade to any of the glasses ranges (such as taking advantage of in-store offers like 2-for-1) while still benefiting from the £45 contribution towards the total purchase.

The University is only liable to pay for any spectacles chosen which are attributable to the requirements of DSE work.

A recharge of £17 for the cost of the eye test voucher will be made to the school/unit cost code supplied.


A minimum of 24 hours' notice must be given when cancelling appointments to avoid your School or Unit being billed for the cost of an eye test at the agreed rate for non-attendance or late cancellation without extenuating circumstances.

Booking an eye test

Fill in this form (with line manager approval) to request a test.