Find health and safety resources to help support your research and teaching at the University of Sussex.

Health & Safety Updates

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Mandatory Training

All staff must complete the mandatory Health and Safety e-learning modules currently available on Learn Upon. There are two modules, Health and Safety Essentials and Fire Awareness.


New templates

New and revised Health & Safety documents are listed below.

Health and Safety Assurance Self Checklist (HS F054) - enabling managers and leaders to carry out a self-check on how your division/School is performing in relation to health and safety matters. 

Risk Assessment Template (excel) (HS F001) the newly revised template in Excel format.

Risk Assessment Template (Word) (HS F001) the new risk assesment template in Word format.

Health & Safety documents and support


About Health & Safety at Sussex

This is a central health and safety resource for the University to support the varied aspects of our work including research and teaching.

The Health and Safety Team’s vision is to continually improve safety compliance and promote health and safety at the University of Sussex as a safe and healthy place to work, study, visit and enjoy.

The Health and Safety Team Values are to:

  • promote a proportionate response to risk
  • offer ‘reasonably practicable’ and pragmatic solutions to queries, issues, incidents and concerns
  • collaborate and consult with others and to consider the diverse needs of staff, students and others

Full details of the service the team provides is available here.

These webpages are updated by the Health & Safety Team at the University of Sussex.


Katie Bennett, Head of Health and Safety