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Dr Andrew Penn

Andrew PennGlutamate receptors and excitatory synaptic transmission in health and disease

**Please note that Andy Penn is also currently advertising a direct PhD studentship independent of the 4-year Programme**:

The theme of our research is understanding the role of glutamate receptor ion channels and excitatory synaptic transmission in health and disease. Specific questions include: How do human genetic mutations in glutamate receptor complexes modify excitatory synaptic transmission and cause disease? What factors govern the stability of glutamate receptors during excitatory synaptic plasticity? How methods can be developed to improve measurements of the spatiotemporal activity of excitatory synapses? Depending on the question we use a range of techniques including computational modelling, tissue culture, patch-clamp electrophysiology and imaging. Projects will be adapted to suit individual background and preferences of the student.


(For a full list of publications and more details about the lab, please see the Penn lab homepage)

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