Sussex Neuroscience


One of the aims of Sussex Neuroscience is to train the next generation of researchers to tackle the most important questions. Sussex houses world-class research in all major areas of Neuroscience, with scholarships available from a variety of sources for PhD study. In addition, a special 4-Year PhD Programme in Neuroscience was launched in September 2014. The University of Sussex also offers a wide range of postgraduate opportunities in Neuroscience at Masters and Bachelors level.

The tabs to the left give you more details about the different courses we offer. You are encouraged to apply for any opportunities that are of particular interest to you and for which you are eligible; your chance of being offered a place on a course will not be affected if you also make other applications.


4-Year PhD Programme in Neuroscience

This Programme is different to the traditional PhD in providing a first year of lab rotations before you decide on your primary research focus. Look here for information on course structure, projects on offer and how to apply.