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Professor Jamie Ward: Director







I study how differences in human brain function and wiring can lead to atypical perceptual experiences (for example, in synaesthesia). I use a wide variety of methods in cognitive neuroscience.

In my role as a Director of Sussex Neuroscience, I am keen to create a vibrant research culture that trains the next generation in cutting-edge methods and ideas.

Professor Louise Serpell: Director







I study the causes of neurodegeneration in conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. I am particularly interested in understanding the role for protein misfolding in disease.

As a Director of Sussex Neuroscience, my aim is for Sussex Neuroscience to be an excellent place to do exceptional neuroscience research in an inclusive, supportive environment.

Professor Miguel Maravall: Director







I study how neurons work together to make sense of patterns in our environment when these vary over time. I measure the behaviour of mice and humans in sensory tasks and use a variety of tools to measure neuronal activity.

As a Director of Sussex Neuroscience my aim is to maintain a close-knit community where members with diverse interests feel supported to do their very best work.

Dr Ruth Staras: Programme Manager

Dr Ruth StarasI develop and manage core activities for Sussex Neuroscience, including the 4-year PhD Programme, research events and external partnerships. I am also a member of teaching faculty, convening the Neuroscience MSc and MRes degrees.

Overall my work aims to support a thriving and sociable research community across Sussex Neuroscience with innovative, interdisciplinary opportunities for postgraduate training and career development.

General Enquiries

We hope you enjoy reading our webpages. If you have a question that is not answered on this site, please contact Dr Ruth Staras in the first instance.

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