Sussex Neuroscience

SN Postgraduate Fund

We provide funding to support PhD students from any Sussex Neuroscience lab who are attending advanced training courses or presenting at conferences, in the UK or overseas.

PhD students with SN faculty supervisors are eligible to apply. Please download the instructions and application form, and submit your application and supervisor's statement to us by email.

See our student reports of previously funded activities here (UoS login required).

Some of the events we have supported our students to attend are:

EMBO course: Advanced Methods of Electron Microscopy in Cell Biology, ─łeské Budêjovice, Czech Republic

Cajal Advanced Neuroscience Training course: Behaviour of Neural Systems, Champalimaud Foundation, Portugal

FENS Summer School: Cellular Mechanisms and Networks in Addition, Bertinoro Castle, Italy

Training course at the Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, USA

CAJAL-ISN course: Glial Cells in Health and Disease, Bordeaux Neurocampus, France

Microelectrode Techniques for Cell Physiology, Plymouth

University of Oxford Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain: FSL Course held in Giardini Naxos, Sicily

Human Brain Anatomy Course at King's College London

CNRS Conférences Jacques Monod in Roscoff, France

16th World Congress on Pain in Yokohama, Japan

Visceral Mind Summer School in Bangor, Wales

Society for Neuroscience Annual Conference

Matlab course for Psychology/ Neuroscience, University of Nottingham

Research Society on Alcoholism conference, USA

CAJAL-ISN course: Ion channels in the brain in health and disease

Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM) Course for fMRI and MRI/VBM

British Neuroscience Association (BNA) Festival 2017

Summer School “The Initiative for a Synthesis in Studies of Awareness”, Osaka, Japan

FASEB meeting, Colorado: Protein aggregation in health and disease

ASSC annual meeting, Beijing

ERP Summer School, University of Bangor

European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease, Edinburgh

NSAS advanced training course: Cellular mechanisms of learning and memory, Siena

Symposium on cutting edge methods for EEG research, Glasgow

NSAS course: Neural Stem Cells: Development and Brain Repair, Milan

EMBO course: Advanced Methods of Electron Microscopy in Cell Biology, Heidelberg

Integrated Systems Neuroscience Workshop, Manchester

BPS and PhySoc course: Mitochondira: Form and Function

Molecular Neurodegeneration course, Wellcome Genome, Cambridge

Latin American School on Computational Neuroscience in São Paulo, Brazil

ERP Summer School, Bangor