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How the colourful world of ‘baby scientists’ inspired a sold-out Brighton Festival show

22 May 2015

The University of Sussex Baby Lab has helped theatre company Flying Eye to create a magical Brighton Festival show for babies and toddlers.

Neuroscience researchers showcase their work at London’s Science Museum

25 March 2015

Sussex researchers are taking part in a festival at London’s Science Museum this week that explores the biotechnological future of the human body.

Next generation of dementia scientists to explore genetic risk of Alzheimer’s

5 February 2015

A gene that increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by up to 10 times will be the focus of a new research centre launched today at Sussex.

World-leading research at Sussex makes a positive impact on people’s lives, REF 2014 reveals

18 December 2014

Sussex carries out world-leading research that has a positive impact on people’s lives, the outcome of a review of research in the UK has revealed.

Fellowship boosts Sussex scientist’s brainpower research

5 June 2014

A Sussex scientist has received a prestigious fellowship for his world-class research in creating artificial brain networks.

Vision express: Professor’s new book gives quick insight into the eye

5 June 2014

Sussex Emeritus Professor Michael Land’s latest book sums up what is known – and still unknown - about our most important sensory organ.

Sussex Research funds seven new projects

20 May 2014

Sussex Research has made seven awards in the second round of the Research Development Fund.

What it’s like to be a bee – Sussex researchers simulate the world as it would look to a bee

3 April 2014

Sussex researchers led by Prof Thomas Nowotny simulate the world as it would look like through the eyes of a bee.

A gene mutation for excessive alcohol drinking found

26 November 2013

Sussex researchers are among a team of UK scientists who have discovered a gene that, when faulty, can cause excessive drinking.

Genetic variation alters efficacy of antidepressant

13 November 2013

Sussex study demonstrates how genes can influence the brain's response to antidepressants.

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