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Sussex highlights importance of UN Sustainable Development Goals in Parliament

21 June 2018

The Sussex Sustainability Research Programme has held an event in Parliament, to highlight the importance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sussex students help to hold UK government to account over climate change

19 June 2018

Students from Global Studies could be part of a UK legal first.

Companies’ perceptions of credibility of low carbon policy mixes

18 June 2018

A new paper written by Dr Karoline Rogge and Elisabeth Dütschke explores what makes low carbon policies credible in the eyes of companies.

Smart meter rollout in the UK print media

8 June 2018

A new paper by CIED researchers analyses popular print media coverage of the smart meter rollout in the United Kingdom.

Carbon targets at risk without improved provision of residential retrofits, says new report

5 June 2018

According to a new report published by CIED, more ambitious mix of policies are needed to deliver the required energy savings in UK homes by 2035.

Electric bicycles and the future of sustainable mobility in China

30 May 2018

New study co-authored by Benjamin Sovacool looks at the factors that influence the adoption of e-bikes in Nanjing, China.

Tracking wind and waves with fishers and forecasters

29 May 2018

Our work in Thiruvananthapuram in south India supported by the Sussex Sustainability Research Programme aims at better risk communication for local...

CIED researcher invited to join Mayor of London Fuel Poverty Partnership

23 May 2018

Dr Mari Martiskainen has been invited to join the Mayor of London Fuel Poverty Partnership.

Low carbon building technologies and the performance gap in the UK

22 May 2018

A new paper co-authored by Jan Rosenow looks at evaluations of low carbon building technologies in the UK residential sector.

Car dealers are a major barrier to the spread of electric vehicles

21 May 2018

Car dealerships and sales personnel are a major obstacle to the switch to electric vehicles in the Nordic region and possibly beyond, says new study.

Items 41 to 50 of 95

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