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Labour energy strategy informed by expert group featuring CIED researcher

28 September 2018

A Doctoral Researcher at CIED was part of the project team whose expert briefing note informed the UK Labour Party’s energy strategy.

Low carbon innovation in non-domestic buildings

13 August 2018

Mix of policies are needed to encourage effective low-carbon innovation and subsequently deliver radical carbon emissions reductions in new buildings.

New policy brief looks at ways to accelerate the spread of electric vehicles in Europe

7 August 2018

A new policy brief by CIED Director Professor Benjamin Sovacool and Aarhus University colleagues makes recommendations on how to speed up EV uptake.

Policy mix characteristics and low carbon innovation

6 August 2018

A new paper by Karoline Rogge shows a positive link between the consistency and credibility of the climate policy mix and low carbon innovation.

The fossil fuel divestment movement and its impacts

30 July 2018

A new paper written by Dr Noam Bergman reviews the direct and indirect impacts of the fossil fuel divestment movement.

The politics of electricity distribution in South Africa

27 July 2018

A new paper co-authored by Lucy Baker analyses recent developments in South Africa’s electricity distribution sector.

Energy savings potential in UK housing and the role of energy efficiency

23 July 2018

One quarter of the energy currently used in UK households could be saved by 2035 by cost-effective investment in energy efficiency, shows a new study.

Leading sustainability experts call for more efficient approach to deliver UN goals

11 July 2018

Dozens of global sustainability experts and stakeholders have called for urgent action to deliver UN goals.

CIED research on car dealerships and EV sales cited by the Committee on Climate Change

5 July 2018

The Committee on Climate Change’s 2018 Progress Report to Parliament cites CIED research on car dealerships and EV sales.

Volte face: Research advises selling electric vehicles to untapped market of women

4 July 2018

Highly educated women are an untapped but potentially lucrative market for EV sales, says a new study by researchers at Sussex and Aarhus University.

Items 31 to 40 of 95

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