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Climate finance innovations

SPRU research fellow contributes to discussions on climate finance and policy

At the end of August, SPRU research fellow Dr. Michele Stua was invited to Brazil to give two speeches on the subject of climate change mitigation by the Chairman of the Permanent Commission on Climate Change of the Brazilian Federal Congress, MP Alfredo Sirkis.

Dr Stua’s first speech was delivered at the Strategic Affairs Office of Brazilian Republic Presidency (Secretaria dos Assuntos Estrategicos da Presidencia da Republica) to a variety of Brazilian actors directly involved in the international debate on climate change mitigation, including policy-makers, academics and businessmen.  The second presentation was given at the Permanent Commission on Climate Change of the Brazilian Federal Congress (Comissao Mista sobre Mudanca Climatica do Senado Federal) in Sao Paulo to members of the Brazilian Parliament and Central Bank, and broadcast on Congress Television.

The events were organised to stimulate debate on new opportunities in climate finance, with Dr. Stua accompanied by two other speakers: Professor Jean Charles Hourcade, Research Director of the International Research Centre on Environment and Development (CIRED – Paris) and Professor Emilio Lebre La Rovere, Head of the Energy Programme of COPPE/UFRJ – Rio de Janeiro, who introduced their own proposals for a reforming the climate finance system. 

In his speeches Dr. Stua presented his proposals for a global carbon market and the development of an international representative currency based on greenhouse gas emissions reductions. His presentations were based on his paper “A new paradigm: establishing a global carbon market as element for the foundation of a ‘low carbon Bretton Woods’ system”. Dr. Stua's speeches were well received, stimulating dynamic and intense debate on the future developments of climate finance and policy, and on the role of Brazil.

As a result of these events, the Brazilian political representatives agreed to further extend discussions on climate change mitigation both at the national (Brazilian) and international level, and to introduce some of ideas presented at international negotiations on climate change and in other international, multilateral and bilateral contexts. 

Finally, Dr. Stua and Professor Hourcade agreed to work together to establish an academic network and communications activities to further develop and disseminate within Europe ideas on the innovation of climate finance.

Núcleo de Pensamento Estratégico aborda o financiamento climático