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Student parking

Find out if you're eligible for a parking permit on campus and how to apply for a limited number of permits nearby.

The Waiting List for the Bridge car park for 2018/19 is now open.

You can apply for the Waiting List by sending the application form below to

You can apply for a parking permit on campus if you:
  • are living with your family on campus
  • are registered as disabled (and exempt from the permit fee)
  • have special needs (as defined by Student Support)

If you are a student with caring responsibilities or consider public transport not to be a viable option, an application to park on campus will be considered by the University of Sussex Parking Panel.

Students with a temporary mobility issue may apply via Student Support for a temporary permit to park on campus. Standard parking fees apply.

No other student parking is available on campus.

Bridge car park

However, for 2018-19 only, all students (excluding first year students living on campus) will be eligible to apply to park at the Bridge car park by permit only, available at a cost of £360 per year. Limited spaces are available.

The Bridge car park is open from 7am to 7pm on weekdays only. Students must not leave their vehicle in the Bridge car park overnight. Parking in the Bridge car park is not available on Brighton & Hove Albion football match days.

Bridge car park permits can be used on campus before 8am, after 5pm, and at weekends only. Students must not park on campus between 8am and 5pm on weekdays, and must move their vehicle to the Bridge car park during these times.

If you're not sure if you're eligible to park on campus, you can see our reference guide for students.

Please be aware that first year students living on campus are not eligible to apply for the Bridge car park.

How to get to the Bridge car park

Access to and from the car park (which is off the A27, opposite Stanmer Park) is through a small tunnel under the railway line.

Stewards managing the Bridge car park every weekday make sure spaces are kept free only for you and other drivers with a voucher.

The floodlit car park is monitored by Brighton and Hove Albion’s CCTV network, which also covers the walkway from the Bridge car park alongside the railway to the footbridge over the track by Falmer Station. This is the recommended 15-minute walking route to campus.

Up to 250 permits are available to park in the Bridge car park. All students (excluding first years living on campus) are eligible to apply for an annual Bridge car park permit, at a cost of £360 per year.

These permits are valid in the campus car parks from 5pm to 8am and at weekends only. The Bridge car park is closed to University members on football match days, which can be viewed on the Amex Stadium reservations timetable.

See a detailed Bridge car park map for more information on getting to and from the Bridge car park from campus.

Bridge car park terms and conditions
  1. The Bridge car park is located off A270/Stoney Mere Way junction (close to The Keep) to the south-west of the University of Sussex campus.
  2. Your permit is valid until 31 August 2019 and is individually numbered, guaranteeing you a space at the Bridge car park.
  3. The permit should be displayed in the windscreen of your vehicle at all times, and may be transferred between the vehicles that you have registered to use.
  4. The Bridge car park is open between 7am and 7pm on weekdays. You are however entitled to park on campus on weekday evenings after 5pm and at weekends.
  5. This permit will guarantee you a space in this car park, but please note spaces are not numbered. The car park is governed by B&HAFC parking regulations, and those parking without permits may incur a fine.
  6. Please drive to the car park via the railway bridge arch only (just off The Keep junction of the A270). B&HAFC have asked that you do not drive through the housing estate in Moulsecoomb, as this may upset residents.
  7. Please email to report any loss or theft of your permit. A replacement may incur an additional administrative charge. The lost or stolen permit will be cancelled and may no longer be used.
  8. Refunds can be obtained for complete months remaining on the annual permit by sending a signed request to cancel the permit and returning the permit to the Transport office at
  9. A full version of the B&HAFC parking regulations is available on request.

Drivers park at their own risk.