Sussex Estates and Facilities

Parking for carers

Staff and student parking permit applications for 2023/24 are now at capacity. The Waiting List is now open.

If you are a University, BSMS or IDS staff member, please apply via Sussex Direct. All other staff application forms (Carer Scheme, Tutors, and Third Party groups) are available now.

Please ensure you follow all parking rules and regulations while parked on site.

To support our flexible working policy, special permits enable carers to find a parking space if they arrive after 9am, when car parks are most likely to be full. This scheme is for carers who have a child under the age of 12, or an older dependent relative with a disability.

Designated parking spaces are available before 10am on weekdays in the following locations:

  • P1 Science car park: 32 spaces
  • P3 Biology car park: 11 spaces
  • P4 Sussex House car park: 14 spaces
  • P7 Arts car park: 7 spaces
  • Lancaster House: 7 spaces

Carer spaces are not individually assigned, and all are openly reserved for all drivers with carer permits before 10am. These spaces are open for general use by all drivers after 10am each day.

As a courtesy to other carers, please use general parking spaces if they are available. Many carers may need to arrive later each morning, and may need the use of carer spaces once all other spaces are occupied.

You can apply for a carer permit via the links below once applications open.

If you have any questions about parking for carers, please see our Frequently Asked Questions, or send suggestions about this scheme to