Sussex Estates and Facilities

Parking Panel and appeals



Parking Panel meetings have been suspended due to the coronavirus lockdown. You can still contact us via e-mail using the address above.

The University of Sussex Parking Panel is a group established for 2018/19 onwards to process parking applications for certain Exceptional Circumstances, respond to escalated complaints and appeals, and to generally make decisions enacting the Parking Policy 2018/19.

The Parking Panel consists of the following members:

  • University of Sussex - Facilities Contract Manager (Chair)
  • Sussex Estates and Facilities - Head of Customer Services
  • Students’ Union Representative
  • Professional Services Representative
  • Academic Representative
  • HR Representative (as required)

The Parking Panel meets regularly to make decisions regarding parking on campus, as per the policy. This includes:

  • Appeals and Complaints
  • Applications for the Carer Scheme
  • Applications for Public Transport Accessibility
  • Considering special cases for parking
  • Changes in policy or parking facilities

Appeals regarding Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) should be directed towards First Parking.

Complaints Escalation

If you wish to submit a complaint or appeal about parking on campus, a permit application, or the Parking Policy, this should be submitted in the first instance to the Transport Office at You can escalate your appeal or complaint to the Parking Panel for review using the above contact details.

Please be aware that decisions made by the Parking Panel are final. You may, however, submit a new application or appeal if you have additional supporting evidence or information for your claim, or have been asked by the Parking Panel to do so.

Consult the Parking Escalation Process for more information.