Sussex Estates and Facilities

Who can park on campus


If you are a University of Sussex student, you are eligible to apply for a parking permit on campus if you:

  • are living with your family on campus
  • are a PhD student with tutoring hours
  • are a carer for a young child or other dependant
  • have a disability or temporarily mobility issue
  • live far enough from campus that a journey via public transport takes longer than 1 hour and 15 minutes

If you are a student with caring responsibilities, or public transport is not a viable option, the University of Sussex Parking Panel will consider your application to park on campus.

Registered disabled students who hold a government-issued Blue Badge are exempt from parking charges, and do not need a permit. Disabled students who do not qualify for a Blue Badge can apply for a parking permit via the Student Support Unit. Standard parking fees apply.


All staff are eligible to apply for a permit to park on campus.

Some staff with exceptional circumstances or conditions may be eligible for a carer's permit or a disabled permit.

Other vehicles


Motorcycles must be parked in spaces designated for motorcycle parking. To park on campus, motorcycle owners must register their vehicle with the Transport Office at

Large motor vehicles 

Large motor vehicles – such as motor caravans, vans and minibuses – that exceed the size of one parking space may be parked on campus only with the express permission of the Transport Office.

Use of any motor vehicle parked on campus for overnight accommodation is prohibited.

Electric vehicles

Nine electric car charging points are available for use by all drivers permitted to park in the Jubilee multi-storey car park (P7), i.e. those with a campus parking permit or a pass to park.

If you own an electric car and wish to use these charging points, you must first register your electrical vehicle by emailing Electric vehicle charging is charged at a cost of 15p per kWh (kilowatt hour).

Our charging points are managed by the POD Point Open Charge app, which is available on all iOS and Android devices. Consult the electric charging user guide [PDF 67.44KB] for a full step-by-step on using the charging points in the Jubilee car park .

For further information on electric charge points, see the POD Point website.