Sussex Estates and Facilities

Student parking on campus

If you are a student renewing a termly permit, please submit your reapplication form directly to the Transport Office at for processing.

Parking enforcement is active on campus. Make sure you follow all parking regulations and rules while your vehicle is parked on campus.

If you are student and have a disability or temporary mobility issue, apply for a University permit via the Student Support Unit.

Although most other students are not eligible to apply for campus parking, exceptions may be made for students with the following exceptional circumstances:

  • Students who are responsible for young children or other dependents, with select parking spaces reserved for carers before 10am
  • PhD students who are also members of University staff, depending on working hours and employment status
  • Students living on campus with families 
  • Students who live far enough from campus that a journey via public transport would take over 1.25 hours (1 hour and 15 minutes) 

Students who are studying a PGCE, Social Work or Early Years course at the School of Education and Social Work (ESW) are eligible to apply for a single-day only permit, if you meet one of the above Exceptional Circumstances criteria.

Please complete and submit the appropriate form to the email address indicated on each form once applications open.