Sussex Estates and Facilities

Bridge car park closure days

A number of car parks on the south side of campus are regularly used for parking by Brighton & Hove Albion FC season-ticket holders for the Amex Community Stadium. 

The table below provides an up-to-date list of the days and times on which specific car parks will be reserved for the 2018/19 academic year.

The University works closely with the club to seek to ensure that match days and major University events do not clash. The dates in this table may be subject to change as the Universities of Sussex and Brighton can ask the club to re-arrange matches where they conflict with major university events.

Car parks at the University can also be reserved for events being held on campus. A separate table provides an up-to-date list of all those car park reservations for University events.

18 January 2020 Saturday 15.00 Aston Villa Premier League
8 February 2020 Saturday 15.00 Watford Premier League
29 February 2020 Saturday 15.00 Crystal Palace Premier League
14 March 2020 Saturday 15.00 Arsenal Premier League
4 April 2020 Saturday 15.00 Manchester United Premier League
18 April 2020 Saturday 15.00 Liverpool Premier League
25 April 2020 Saturday 15.00 Manchester City Premier League
9 May 2020 Saturday 15.00 Newcastle United Premier League

Please be aware that these fixtures are subject to change.

The Bridge Car Park is owned and operated by Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club. The terms and conditions of the Bridge Car park state that all spaces are reserved for match parking on match days, and no parking will be allowed by other users. Many matches are played during weekends, however some matches are played on weekdays, and there are no alternative arrangements for students who hold a Bridge car parking permit.

Students may not park in campus car parks on match days, therefore Bridge permit holders will need to use alternative methods to travel to campus on these days.

See the campus map for a full guide of car park locations.