Sussex Estates and Facilities

Disabled parking

The University provides certain parking allowances for students and staff with a disability or accessibility needs.

Blue Badge holders

If you have a disability and possess a government or council-issued Blue Badge disabled pass, you can park for free without a University permit in any parking space on campus (including disabled parking spaces).

We strongly recommend that any staff or students who require disabled parking apply for a Blue Badge, as this is the primary provision of disabled parking on campus. You do not need a University parking permit, however in the interest of security please register your vehicle with the Transport Office via e-mail at with your name, e-mail address, role at the University, and vehicle details.

For a guide on where to find disabled parking bays, consult our campus map. Disabled parking spaces are listed in light blue next to car parks where they are available. Please do not park in reserved or designated disabled spaces (which are assigned to specific vehicles), as these are needed by staff working in nearby buildings.

University disabled permits

If you have a disability but are not eligible to apply for a Blue Badge, you can apply for a University disability permit. This includes a temporary mobility issue, such as an injury or short-term condition.

  • Students can contact the Student Support Unit to request referral for a student disability permit. If this referral is approved, it will be directly forwarded to the Transport Office and processed when space is available. Student disability permits are for standard parking only, and do not provide access to disabled spaces.
  • Staff will need to ask their Line Manager to make a referral to the Occupational Health team for recommended reasonable adjustments in relation to their disability, including a recommendation regarding a disabled parking permit to access to disabled bays on campus. Occupational Health will recommend appropriate reasonable adjustments and complete the application form, which will need to be signed by your Line Manager and sent to the Transport Office via e-mail.

If you do not possess a Blue Badge, you will need to purchase a parking permit at the standard rate – see our information on parking charges.