Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies

Student members

Doctoral students in the Sussex Centre of Cultural Studies come from many different schools of the University of Sussex.

Caterina Alessandrini ( (Philosophy with English and Art History) 'Critical discourse analysis of contemporary Visual Arts practice'.

Anna Arrowsmith ( (Media, Film and Music) 'Rethinking Misogyny: Men's Perceptions of Female Power in Dating Relationships.'

Sally Bream ( (Media, Film and Music) 'The Landscape of Pevensey Levels: Preservation, Conservation and Climate Change

Ryan Burns ( (Media, Film and Music) Control and Liberation in the Digital Everyday'.

Paola Cannas ( (Media, Film and Music) 'Brahms' Symphony No. 4: A performance history'.

Yi Chen ( (Media, Film and Music) 'Murmuring in the Tides, Rhythmanalysis of Contemporary British Culture'.

Emilia Cheng ( (Media, Film and Music) 'Historical Representations in Transnational Chinese Cinemas'

Laurence Clennett-Sirois ( (Law, Politics and Sociology) 'Women Blogging and Femininity. A Study of 'Ordinary' Women's Blogging in Québec, Canada'.

Gemma Cobb ( (Gender Studies) 'Gender conformity in the pro-anorexia movement'

Leonor Cutileiro ( (Media, Film and Music) 'The politics of presence in the everyday life of a university campus in Porto, Portugal. An ethnographic approach using Mass-Observation'.

Victoria Dimmock  ( (Media, Film and Music) 'Anxiety and solace: Emotional encounters in everyday life at Canary Wharf'.

Sherri Foster ( 'The Construction of Conjoined Twins in Contemporary Fiction and Culture'.

Aristea Fotopoulou ( (Media, Film and Music) 'Remediating politics: queer and feminist formations in digital networks'.

Irene Fubara-Manuel ( (Media, Film and Music) 'Animating Opacity: Biometric Technologies and the Aesthetic of Irreducible Singularity'

Craig Haslop ( (Media, Film and Music) 'Polysexual TV: Text, Identity and Audience Interactions'

Melanie Hoyes ( (Media, Film and Music) 'Sketches of Identity: Representations of community, belonging and 'Britishness' in contemporary television comedy'.

Vivian Huang  (Science and Technology Policy Research)

Katie Higgins ( (Department of Geography) Ambiguous migrants: a qualitative exploration of contemporary British migrants living in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Cecilia Ibarra

Patrick James ( (Media, Film and Music) 'Digital Romania: Online/offline narratives in urban Romanian Internet engagement'

Ae Jin Han [] 'Transnational flows in Korean popular performance'.

Sarah Johnston ( 'The role of brands in the contemporary culture of children'

Tanya Kant ( (Media and Cultural Studies) 'Endless choice and the end of choice: How do individuals actively respond to the restriction of choice created by personalised media texts?'

Benjamin Litherland ( (Media, Film and Music) 'From Pugilism to Professional Wrestling in England, 1710 - 1980'

Anneke Newman ( (Global Studies) 'Negotiating definitions of 'educated persons' and the utility of formal schooling: An ethnographic study of pastoralist Fulbe girls in Senegal'

Russell Pearce ( (Media, Film and Music)

Juan Ramos ( 'The US Spanish Language Telenovela'

Elizabeth Reed ( (Gender Studies) 'Researching the form, formation and potential of queer families'

Freya Ross ( (Centre for Community Engagement/Gender Studies)

Aaron Saunderson-Cross ( (Media, Film and Music)

Corinna Schäfer ( (Media, Film and Music) 'A precarious web of identities, places and communication infrastructure: The German colonial settler press in Africa, 1898-1916.'

Rosemary Shirley ( (Media, Film and Music) 'The Non-Metropolitan Everyday and Visual Culture'.

Vicky Smith ( (Media, Film and Music) 'Towards a Sensual Understanding of National Identity: Food, Film and the Porous Screen'.

Stella Sims ( (Media, Film and Music) 'Representation, Subcultures and Memory: Rethinking the 1950s in British popular culture since the 1970s'.

Hanna Stepanik ( (Development Studies, University of Vienna) 'The role of "Cape Verdean" popular cultural practices in the context of diasporisation in Lisbon'

Umme Busra Fateha Sultana [] 'Intersectional Aspects of Gendered Sexualities in Contraceptive Advertisements and Its Linkage to People’s Lived Experience of Sexualities in Bangladesh'.

Rachel Tavernor ( (Media and Cultural Studies) 'From Spectatorship to Solidarity: visualising protest movements in the British media. '

Jane Traies ( (Media, Film and Music) 'The Lives of British Lesbians Over Sixty: An Empirical Study'.

Varsha Venugopalan (

Frank Verano ( Transitory Presences: Representations of Space, Place and the Body in Direct Cinema.


Hannah Warren ( (Global Studies) 'The Ideologies and Practice of Gender and Development Work in Ghana: hidden influences'.

Rebecca Webb ( 'Creating a Climate of Controversy in the Classroom: how Teachers enable Children aged 8 to 11 to develop the Political Literacy to Question and Challenge elements of their own lives'.

Suzie Wilkins ( 'Musical Experience and Subjectivity: A Reception-based Approach'.

Rachel Wood ( (Media, Film and Music) '’Passing'' and Space: Identifications, Representations'.

Benjamin Zeitlin ( CREATE (School of Education and Social Work)