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Innovation and reform key to ending financial crisis, says Sussex economist

7 February 2012

Government needs to implement financial reform that favours innovation and the technology economy – or face economic and social consequences.

Researchers rank best online advice for postnatal depression

6 February 2012

University of Sussex researchers have identified the top five internet sites offering support for women struggling with postnatal mental illnesses.

History holds key to future energy policy, says report

25 January 2012

Policymakers should look to history to learn how to tackle the challenges of a low carbon economy, says a report co-authored by university analysts.

University of Sussex to help developing economies move towards low carbon energy

13 January 2012

University of Sussex academics are helping the Government to launch a new network to link British energy experts to those in developing economies.

Guantánamo ten years on – necessity or troublesome legacy?

10 January 2012

In 2002, the USA opened a detention camp at a military base on Cuba. It became synonymous with the controversial means used in the war on terror.

Sussex scientists discover first-ever bee ‘soldier’

9 January 2012

University of Sussex scientists working with researchers in Brazil have identified the first example of a ‘soldier’ bee.

A click up the Eighties: Archive’s digital project opens up our recent past to a wider audience

6 January 2012

The words and voices of ordinary people in 1980s Britain will form the basis of an exciting history teaching resource created at Sussex.

Europe in crisis – Sussex experts speak out

15 December 2011

The collapse of the Euro, a UK exit from Europe and the end of the coalition are all possible outcomes of the Euro crisis, say experts at Sussex.

Sussex and Cambridge help to share Newton treasures with the world

14 December 2011

The original works of Sir Isaac Newton have been made available to the world online thanks to a special project involving the University of Sussex.

New book by Sussex academic examines sex, gender and Cameron’s Conservatives

16 November 2011

The Conservatives have still to resolve policy difficulties around the role of women in the party, says a new book out this month.

Items 591 to 600 of 650

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