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We’re paying the price of poor nuclear management, says Sussex energy expert

2 March 2012

Delays and neglect in managing our nuclear waste has led to huge increases in costs, says a Sussex energy expert's Government-commissioned report.

Can we ever ‘get real’ ask Sussex scientists

23 February 2012

Sussex researchers will be challenging Brighton Science Festival goers this weekend on their perceptions of reality.

New Sussex research centre examines how to stop corruption

23 February 2012

What is corruption? What causes it? What can be done about it? These are the key questions being asked by the team of a new Sussex research centre.

Many young people still underestimate how much they drink

17 February 2012

A new Sussex study reveals that many young people still lack the knowledge and skills for responsible drinking.

Benefactors boost Middle East studies at Sussex with funding for research in Israeli history

8 February 2012

A new Chair in Modern Israel Studies has been created at the University of Sussex, with generous support from major philanthropists.

All-inclusive or socially exclusive – debate asks ‘what’s right for our schools?’

7 February 2012

Can, and should, all children learn and play together? That’s the question being put to education experts at the latest Sussex Salon debate.

Innovation and reform key to ending financial crisis, says Sussex economist

7 February 2012

Government needs to implement financial reform that favours innovation and the technology economy – or face economic and social consequences.

Researchers rank best online advice for postnatal depression

6 February 2012

University of Sussex researchers have identified the top five internet sites offering support for women struggling with postnatal mental illnesses.

History holds key to future energy policy, says report

25 January 2012

Policymakers should look to history to learn how to tackle the challenges of a low carbon economy, says a report co-authored by university analysts.

University of Sussex to help developing economies move towards low carbon energy

13 January 2012

University of Sussex academics are helping the Government to launch a new network to link British energy experts to those in developing economies.

Items 581 to 590 of 646

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