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The body beautiful – is it time to cover up? Salon experts debate the beauty ideal in the media

2 April 2012

Do images of flawless, slim models make us feel bad about ourselves? Should pictures of perfect bodies be airbrushed out of our advertising?

The battle of Civvy Street: Falklands memoirs study offers fresh view of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

28 March 2012

Coming home from war is often the start of a new battle for servicemen, says a new study of the Falklands War on the eve of its 30th anniversary.

SPRU launches new programmes as it is named top UK think tank

22 March 2012

Two new programmes focused on sustainability reflect SPRU’s excellence as the number one science and technology think tank in the UK

Africa research explores the complex influence of changes in climate upon migration

14 March 2012

Governments need to take multiple factors into account if they are to plan for population displacement as a result of drought, new research reveals.

Experts debate how to break the deadlock in global climate change politics

5 March 2012

Tony Blair’s former climate change advisor is among speakers considering the future of global climate politics at a University event this month.

We’re paying the price of poor nuclear management, says Sussex energy expert

2 March 2012

Delays and neglect in managing our nuclear waste has led to huge increases in costs, says a Sussex energy expert's Government-commissioned report.

Can we ever ‘get real’ ask Sussex scientists

23 February 2012

Sussex researchers will be challenging Brighton Science Festival goers this weekend on their perceptions of reality.

New Sussex research centre examines how to stop corruption

23 February 2012

What is corruption? What causes it? What can be done about it? These are the key questions being asked by the team of a new Sussex research centre.

Many young people still underestimate how much they drink

17 February 2012

A new Sussex study reveals that many young people still lack the knowledge and skills for responsible drinking.

Benefactors boost Middle East studies at Sussex with funding for research in Israeli history

8 February 2012

A new Chair in Modern Israel Studies has been created at the University of Sussex, with generous support from major philanthropists.

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