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Oh Hear Us When We Cry To Thee! The end of Normative Power Europe?

Oh Hear Us When We Cry To Thee! The end of the Normative Power Europe?

An empirical assessment of NPE in the context of the Mediterranean migration crisis.

Kathryn Budge

Mexico's Conditional Cash Transfer Programs and the effect on the Congressional and Presidential Elections 1994- 2012

Mexico's Conditional Cash Transfer Programs and effect on the Congressional and Presidential Elections 1994-2012

Pedro Constantino

Change or business as usual? A comparative analysis of the interaction between political parties and the EU

The involvement of national political parties in EU treaty making: the Lisbon Treaty and the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in comparative perspective

Roxana Mihaila


 Recently Completed Students

From 2002/03 to 2020/21

Jake Watts, Explaining Organisational Change: Party Reform and Elite Decision-Making in the British Labour Party

Sean Paul Vincent, Who controls the message?: The impact of new media on political parties in East Asia's liberal democracies.

Elvis Bisong Tambe, Electoral Participation in ‘New Democracies’ - A Comparative Perspective on Africa and Post-Communist States

Tena Prelec, Privatisations in transition countries: understanding the role of informal networks and practices in former Yugoslav states

Sam Power, Party Funding Regimes and Corruption in Western Europe: Linkages, Relationships and Trends

Rebecca Partos, Campaign(ing) in poetry, govern(ing) in prose? The development of post-war Conservative party immigration policy in government and opposition

Miguel Angel Lara Otaola, Election Results: when, where and under what conditions are they accepted? A global comparative study

Blanca Lopez, Institutional Evaluation in the Mexican Federal Government: searching for an evaluation model

Nikoleta Kiapidou, How Have National Party Systems of Europe Responded to the Eurozone Crisis? A Comparison Between Germany, the UK, Ireland, and Greece

Uche Igwe, Anti-corruption Institutions and the war against corruption in Nigeria.

Elena Gorianova, Non-implementation issues in transitional countries: a case study of environmental regulation of the post-Soviet oil industry

Juan Alejandro Garcia Godinez, The World Trade Organization, local government development and the international anti-corruption movement

Stella Georgiadou, The impact of the EU's normative power on conflict resolution

David Davies,  A comparative analysis of combatting gender stereotypes in advertising and the media

Liljana Cvetanoska, Corruption in Central and Eastern Europe: The influence of the European Union’s enlargement conditionality on the control of corruption

Toygar Baykan, The electoral success of the Justice and Development Party: The role of party organisation and strategy

Vainius Bartasevicius, Explaining access to nationality in Central and Eastern European countries

Peter Simmons, 2015/16 - Explaining European Union engagement with potential new member states

Bartosz Napieralski, 2014/15 - Political Catholicism and European integration: the case of Poland in comparative perspective

Gentian Elezi, 2014/15 - Explaining the implementation challenges for Albania in preparing for EU membership

Sattoko Horii, 2014/15 - The evolution of the EU border control regime: assessing the role of Frontex

Erica Consterdine, 2013/14 - Interests, Ideas, and Institutions: explaining immigration policy change in the UK, 1970 - 2010

Marko Stoiic, 2013/14 - The attitudes of political parties in Serbia and Croatia towards the EU in comparative perspective

Amy Busby, 2012/13 - An Ethnography Exploring the Behaviour of MEP's and the Culture of the European Parliament

Dora Klountzou, 2012/13 - Europeanisation and the European Security and Defence Policy: the Case of fYROM (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) 

John FitzGibbon, 2011/12 - Explaining the Emergence of Eurosceptic Protest Movement Formation in Contemporary   Europe: A Comparative Approach

Ezel Tabur, 2011/12 - EU decision-making process in EU policy towards the Eastern neighbourhood: the   case of immigration policy

Anastassios Chardas, 2010/11 - An evaluation of the impact of the structural funds for the cases of Greece and Ireland

Maria Cheiladaki-Liarokapi, 2010/11 - EU policy development on student and patient mobility

Martine Huberty, 2010/11 - Punching above its weight?: a case study of Luxembourg's policy effectiveness in the European Union

Dan Keith, 2010/11 - Organisational change in Western European Communist Parties since 1989

Stijn van Kessel, 2010/11 - Path to Populism, the ideologies of Populist Parties in Europe

Ed Maxfield, 2010/11 - Centre-right parties in Romania

Ariadna Ripoll Servent, 2010/11 - Shifting sands and changing minds: the role of the European Parliment in the area of freedom, security and justice

Emma Sanderson-Nash, 2010/11 - Obeying the iron law?: Changes to the intra-party balance of power in the British Liberal Democrats since 1988

Ed Phelps, 2009/10 - Young Citizens and Changing Political Participation

Lyubka Savkova, 2009/10 - The Nature of the European Debate in Bulgaria

Emanuele Massetti, 2008/09 - Political Strategy and Ideological Adaptatio in Regionalist Parties: A Comparative Study of the Northern League, Plaid Cymru, the South Tyrolses People's Party and the Scottish National Party

Anna Sydork-Tomczyk, 2008/2009 - The EU and International Cooperation on Competition Policy: Public Interest or Public Choice?

Mark Bennister, 2008/09 - The Predominance of Prime Ministers: A Comparative Study of Britain and Australia

Sobrina Edwards 2008/09 - Europe and the Europeans: Definition, Identity and Belonging

Zerrin Torun, 2008/09 - Constructivism and the Study of European Common Foreign and Security Policy

Rose Marie Azzopardi, 2007/08 - Economic Integration and Small States: Case Studies of Cyprus and Malta within the European Union

Simon Guerra, 2007/08 - Domestic Proxies and the European Factor before and after accession: Polish attitudes towards EU integration in a comparative perspective

Adamantia Xyggi, 2007/08 - Capital Markets integration: What have been the obstacles and what are the remaining barriers to the achievement of a Single European Capital Market

Chorng-yau Lin,  2007/08 - Change and Continuity in British post-Cold War Foreign Policy towards European Security and Defence Cooperation,1989-2000

Nat Copsey, 2007/08 - Foreign Policy and Public Opinion in the Polish-Ukrainian Borderlands

Shilpa Modi, 2007/08 - TRIPS and drugs: impact of TRIPS on pharmaceutical industry and access to medicine

Sally Marthaler, 2007/06 - The Voter-Party Relationship in France: Patterns of Partisanship since the 1981 alternance

Iwona Piorko, 2006/07 - Enlarging the area of freedom, security and justice: Poland's   accession to the European Union in the field of external border controls

Cordula Stolberg, 2006/07 - Economic integration and production structures: the case of the EU-15 and the Central and Eastern European Countries 

Judith Watson, 2006/07 - Spaces of social learning: the Thames Gateway as a regional learning formation

Carmen Cacho, 2004/05 - Policy evolution and change: the Spanish and Finnish accessions to the European Union