Physics and Astronomy

Undergraduate study

Learn from experts who are working at the forefront of physics, developing next generation quantum technology devices and working on the ATLAS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider.

Why Physics and Astronomy at Sussex?

  • Our Physics graduates are in high demand
    Forge links with industry and benefit from our strong relationships with employers through the South East Physics Network (SEPnet).

  • Our lively Physics Society
    There's lots going on in our Department. Q-Soc, our lively Physics Society, delivers an exciting programme including trips to London and Brighton, student balls, pub crawls, games and film nights, and even visits to NASA and CERN.
  • Ground-breaking research
    You will get to work on ground-breaking discoveries alongside our expert faculty, on research placements, summer projects and in research labs during your individual or group final year projects.
  • Supportive community 
    Our labs and popular student spaces provide a supportive and welcoming environment, where students and faculty can meet, debate and exchange ideas.

Physics and Astronomy undergraduate labs


"If you are considering studying Physics at Sussex, it is a decision you will not regret. The degree is difficult but the rewards are truly astronomical."

Jessica Collier
Physics MPhys


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Physics and Astronomy