Career perspectives

Clara Gutteridge, BA in Philosophy, graduated in 1999, MA in Philosophy, graduated in 2003

'I believe that my BA and Masters at Sussex benefited me in ways I didn't really appreciate at the time, and I'm so glad of the experience.  I now work for the human rights organisation Reprieve, as an investigator in the Secret Prisons and Renditions team. Working mainly on complex cases of enforced disappearance and torture accountability,  I am constantly employing critical and analytical skills in a creative way that I think I must have learned during my time studying philosophy.  I still remember being knocked sideways by a Philosophy lecturer asking me in response to something, "what is a fact?", and really and truly, that's the basic question I work with every day.'

Timo Juetten, PhD in Philosophy, completed in 2008

I first came to Sussex in 2003 to study for the MA in Social and Political Thought. After completion, I decided to stay on for a DPhil in philosophy and work on Kant and Adorno. I also have wider interests in German philosophy and social and political philosophy, which are well served by excellent Sussex faculty in these areas (as indeed in most other areas, as far as I can see). The Philosophy Department is an exciting environment to do research work thanks to its friendly collaborative atmosphere and the presence of both analytic and continental approaches to the subject. Sussex has a thriving research culture with weekly research seminars, work-in-progress seminars, reading groups and social fixtures to provide congenial surroundings for DPhil research. I recommend it to everyone.

Simon Gillham, PhD in Philosophy, completed in 2008

'I spent my twenties and early thirties as a professional musician but was always fascinated by philosophical ideas. At 35, I took the plunge and applied to do a BA in Philosophy at Sussex. I knew the Philosophy Department was a good one and that the University had a long-standing commitment to mature students. After my BA I went on to do an MA in Philosophy here and then a PhD on Nietzsche. Obviously I wouldn't have stayed so long if I didn't like it here! What I particularly like about studying Philosophy at Sussex is the way that both the analytic and continental traditions in philosophy are taken seriously, and the conflicts and affinities between them are continually explored, making for a very stimulating intellectual atmosphere. I am hoping to go on to teach philosophy at a British university.'

Joseph Ward, PhD in Philosophy, completed in 2008

'I did a BA and an MA in English at Sussex. Following this, I underwent a radical change of orientation and decided that what I was really interested in was philosophy, and Nietzsche in particular. I was keen to continue at Sussex, as I had always enjoyed the intellectual atmosphere here and knew that the Philosophy Department had a good reputation. I am grateful that the Department was broad-minded enough to sanction such a change of direction and admit me as a research student. I have found the Philosophy Department to be friendly, stimulating and dynamic, and have particularly appreciated the fruitful dialogue between continental and analytic philosophy which occurs here.'