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University is a Good Egg for backing free-range policy

18 May 2009

The University of Sussex catering team wins a Compassion in World Farming award for only using free-range eggs.

Frog project spawns top honour for professor

14 May 2009

A Sussex ecologist has received the British Naturalists’ Association’s highest honour.

Horse research wins top U.S. science prize for excellence

13 May 2009

Psychologists at the University of Sussex have been awarded a prize by one of America’s leading academic science publications.

University of Sussex rated among UK top 20 institutions

12 May 2009

The University of Sussex is ranked among the top 20 universities in the UK, according to The Guardian newspaper's University Guide.

Physics students play electric guitars to learn about quantum mechanics

11 May 2009

Physics has turned funky at the University of Sussex, with students strumming electric guitars to learn about some of the most challenging concepts...

Sussex astronomers peer into cosmic dust of 10 billion years ago

7 May 2009

Sussex astronomers have helped to develop a space telescope that will reveal how the Universe looked up to 10 billion years ago.

Composer’s new opera gets royal treatment for Festival

1 May 2009

New opera, Cocteau in the Underworld, by Sussex composer Ed Hughes, is performed in this year's Brighton Festival.

China can achieve low carbon growth, say Sussex researchers

30 April 2009

China's economy could grow more than 10 times by 2050 yet its emission growth can stay consistent with intergovernmental targets.

Sussex expert comments on swine flu

28 April 2009

Dr Stefan Elbe, expert in health security, comments on swine flu.

University of Sussex helps to shape Festival culture

27 April 2009

There's a rich and varied cultural offering from University of Sussex as Festival fever hits Brighton for 2009.

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