School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences


The School brings together two outstanding and progressive departments: the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The synergy of these two subjects enables the School to deliver new and challenging opportunities for faculty and students. These opportunities are expansive and open up many new career paths for our graduates: mathematics already plays a major role in disciplines such as economics and computer science and, increasingly, both mathematics and physics are becoming pivotal in the life sciences revolution.


This student-focused, dynamic department is the place to study a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The discipline of Mathematics appeals to a broad spectrum of students and the versatility and skills of a mathematician are highly desirable in industry and commerce. An increasing proportion of Mathematics graduates are continuing their studies to develop specialist knowledge.

For information, visit the Department of Mathematics website.

Physics and Astronomy

We provide stimulating teaching and pioneering research in an academic setting that is uniquely interdisciplinary. We have a high staff-student ratio, our teaching is exceptionally student driven and there are many opportunities for students to get involved in our world-leading research.

For information, visit the Department of Physics and Astronomy website.

Physics and Astronomy contacts

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