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Spanish language links

  • Instituto Cervantes exists to promote the Spanish language; their website includes plenty of material for students and teachers of Spanish, plus up-to-date information about cultural events. Our teachers particularly like Lecturas paso a paso (short stories with pre- and post-reading exercises) and Pasatiempos de Rayuela(lexical, grammatical, sociocultural exercises).
  • BBC Languages have lots of high-quality Spanish material - aside frrom the BAFTA-winning Mi Vida Loca and other excellent interactive video courses, have a look at El mensual, an intermediate-level audio magazine which can be browsed by topic or language focus.
    • BBC Learn Spanish is their Facebook presence, designed so you can meet people and start learning together.


  • has the Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary, alongside some from Espasa Calpe.
  • Real Academia Española gives free access to one of the best (monolingual) Spanish dictionaries.
  • provides access to dictionaries from Vox, including their English<->Spanish offering.
  • Oxford Reference Online (which the University subscribes to) has a Business Spanish dictionary as well as the Concise.
  • Tomísimo is an English-Spanish bilingual learners' dictionary that makes finding words easy by automatically searching in both languages.

Teaching resources

  • VeinteMundos magazine has interesting articles about the Spanish-speaking world, for intermediate & advanced learners. Each article has helpful integrated pop-up vocabulary and an audio reading which allows simultaneous reading and listening. There's also a section for teachers.
  • Tecla is a magazine (including exercises) written for learners and teachers of Spanish, with a searchable subject index of past issues. It is produced monthly during term-time by the Spanish Embassy in the UK.
  • Phonetics: The Sounds of Spanish - animated articulatory diagrams from the University of Iowa (requires Flash).
  • Viaje al pasado: los aztecas - el perfecto simple y el imperfecto en la narración y la descripción. Attractive interactive multimedia site providing a broad context for all verb forms. Includes animations which explain use of verb forms, 45 exercises and two adventure games in pre-Hispanic Mexico.
    • El Camino de Santiago is another excellent video-based site by the same team at Cégep du Vieux Montréal, this time using the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route to focus on ser, estar, en, a, por, para; identificación, definición, descripción, localización, desplazamiento, causa y finalidad. Woven in with the pilgrim interviews are 48 exercises at level A1-A2.
  • Todo Claro offers more than 100 grammar, vocabulary, situation and cultural exercises at all levels. Also has a verb conjugator, though the old Comp-jugador is more comprehensive.
  • The Spanish CALL Project has lots of exercises, grammar and links. See also Ejercicios de lengua española - a collection of on-line grammar exercises from Juan Ramón de Arana.
  • Learn Spanish - a free online tutorial.
  • Spanish Food Dictionary


  • Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes - a comprehensive virtual library for Hispanic Studies, offering electronic editions of thousands of works spanning many centuries. This is a very valuable tool for students of Spanish.
  • Ciudad Seva is the website of author Luis López Nieves, which has a good collection of links for Spanish literature & language.
  • Proyecto Sherezade has contemporary short stories in Spanish by authors from all over the world, plus vocabulary and grammar exercises, comprehension questions etc.
  • Literatura Argentina Contemporánea - extensive details and excerpts of many Argentinian authors.

News & media online

Sources for further research...

  • ele-uk is the UK Association for the Teaching of Spanish in Higher and Adult Education.
  • Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) at the University of Texas is a comprehensive directory of Latin American web resources organised by country and by subject.
  • has lots of well-presented information on Hispanic higher education.
  • Linred - Lingüística en la Red is an Internet journal on theoretical and applied linguistics, with a slant towards issues in Spanish as a Foreign Language.
  • Guide to Spanish Language - original articles, lessons, exercises and lots of links, plus bulletin board and chat room.
  • Sí, Spain - from the Spanish Embassy in Ottowa, Canada, covering Spain's current affairs, its historical, linguistic and cultural development.