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Learning resources

  • offers free online study programmes produced by an experienced native Japanese language teacher. Includes writing practice sheets for hiragana
  • NHK Learning Japanese online
  • Visual Kanji has free video-based lessons on 1100 kanji and 7000 associated words. Asahi Kanji offers an online Java flashcard program to help you review and drill the Japanese kanji; also available for iOS and Android.
  • Jim Breen's Japanese Page has been running for decades, with a list of recommended sites and WWWJDIC, an online dictionary he developed.
  • Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese
  • Hirogaru shows various aspects of Japan through reading or listening to information on 12 topics such as music, anime and manga, food, sports etc.
  • goo is an information project sponsored by NTT in Japan, providing access to four Sanseido dictionaries: a big Japanese-Japanese, Exceed English <-> Japanese and the Daily Shingo (new word) dictionary. All instructions in Japanese.
  • Teach Yourself Japanese provides a range of online lessons from beginner level.
  • Rikai allows you to view any Japanese website with popups that give the reading and English definition of each word; words can be added to your own word list alongside their definitions. Alternatively, you can enter your own text. The site also offers a Kanji map, flashcards and phrase/Kanji of the day. Impressive. does a similar job, but can also show romaji readings.

  • Japanese for Busy People - videos in a YouTube playlist for the popular coursebook. 

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