Sussex Centre for Language Studies

German language links

  • and Yahoo! Deutschland are German versions of the popular search engine and web directory.
  • German Government - facts, figures and useful links from the Government Press Office. Or try the German Information Center from the German Embassy in the US, which also has a weekly newsletter round-up of German news.
    • Kuppelkucker is a fun guide to the German parliament (aimed at 10-14 year olds but good for grown up language learners too).

News and media on-line

  • Deutsche Welle Radio & TV have an extensive site; aside from the expected news and schedules, they have a daily audio Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten (Slowly-spoken News) with transcript, and Wort der Woche.
  • Die Welt - online version of the big daily.
  • Der Spiegel - selected articles from the political magazine.
  • Stern - "Germany's largest illustrated weekly"
  • Wiener Zeitung is an Austrian newspaper.
  • ZDF is the German TV channel available via satellite in the Language Learning Centre - their programme schedules are online.
  • Juma - a magazine for young people.
  • is one of the largest film websites in Germany: interact with a community of native speakers around a database of over 50,000 movies with associated criticism, local and internationals reviews, and daily news articles.

Learning resources

Sources for further research...

one of the largest film webpages in Germany and offers not only an opportunity to interact with native German speakers and practise the language, but also a database of over 50,000 titles, comprehensive nationwide cinema and television listings, a variety of daily news articles produced by the in-house editorial department and an active internet community of more than two million users. moviepilot compiles criticism, local, and international reviews on each film,