Sussex Centre for Language Studies

Which level?

Definitions of stages for open courses in modern languages at SCLS

Stage 1 - Beginners

An introduction for absolute beginners to the language of everyday situations. There is emphasis on understanding and communicating, with advice on pronunciation. Grammar and written work are included where appropriate. There will be an opportunity to pursue personal cultural interests. A course book is sometimes used to allow you to work independently and to form a framework for your learning.

Stage 2 - Elementary

For those progressing from a Level 1 course or whose knowledge is very rusty and wish to develop more confidence. The emphasis is on understanding and speaking. Grammar is incorporated to allow progress; reading and some writing skills are included. An insight into the culture and history of the country within the framework of language learning will allow you to develop your own personal interests. You will be encouraged to participate in the definition of the level of the class.

Stage 3 - Intermediate

For learners who have recently completed a Level 2 class and feel confident conversing at a basic level. Topics will be studied to allow you to give opinions and build on simple language structures. Grammar and writing skills will be included to help you make progress. Those within the group will be encouraged to define the level within this framework.

Stage 4 - Upper Intermediate

Language and culture courses for those who have been attending a Level 3 class, and now wish to broaden their knowledge. Grammatical structures will be revised and you will be encouraged to work out your own strategy for progressing further. The cultural part of the course will explore areas of literature, song, art, history, geography and institutions, as negotiated within the group.

Stage 5 - Advanced

For confident and experienced learners who may have an 'A' level in the language or have studied at that level previously. At least four years' part-time study and frequent travel in the country are advised before beginning this course. The language element will include listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Practical advice on grammar will be integrated as appropriate. There will be a strong cultural element with literary and social texts being studied. Learners in the group will be encouraged to define the level and cultural areas explored in the class.