Sussex Centre for Language Studies

Course structure

Course description

The course consists of 15 or 21 hours of tuition per week to include:

  1. Grammar
  2. Vocabulary development
  3. Reading and writing skills
  4. Listening and speaking skills
  5. Supervised personal study programme

Course aims

The course aims to help you understand spoken and written English, and to improve your communication skills in speaking and writing. You will also work on your grammar and on increasing your vocabulary, with a particular focus on vocabulary required for study and/or in the workplace.

In addition, you will receive training and guidance in the following key skills:

  • study skills
  • intercultural communication
  • effective use of Information Technology (IT) in language learning
  • research and presentation skills
  • setting and achieving your own personal language learning targets
  • English for academic and/or professional purposes


Our next term starts 24 September 2018 and ends 14 December 2018.

15 hours per week: Monday to Friday 9-12.30 for 12 weeks.
21 hours per week: Monday to Friday 9-12.30, plus Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 2-4pm for 12 weeks.

We require a minimum of 80% attendance.


The Scholarship includes the provision of essential course materials and access to our Language Learning Centre, which offers digital, multimedia classroom and self-access facilities with free internet access and satellite TV, together with a wide range of video and audio materials for personal use outside class hours.